Upon Further Review: Josephine Skriver, Alex DeLeon, and an old friend stop by

BREAKING NEWS: The "Upon Further Review" crew is back for a bonus episode.

On a beautiful, Saturday afternoon in Napa, the guys lined up a trio of entertaining guests, so that – along with Producer Trav's tireless work ethic – resulted in some extra audio goodness for your ears.

First up on the bonus pod is the dynamic duo of Josephine Skriver and her now-fiancé Alexander DeLeon.

During their time on the program, the pair talks about how the Silver and Black played a crucial role in the early stages of their relationship, which Raiders legends are their personal favorites, and the extremes that they've gone to watch their beloved team.

After Skriver and "Bohnes" graciously depart, the guys welcome in an old friend – "Mad Max from Sacramento" live from Napa.

For those of you who don't remember, Mad Max is a friend of the program who has called in before, and since he was in town to watch practice today, it was only appropriate that he came on the show and dropped some knowledge.

The guys get in, get out, and move on with their Saturdays; join them for a half hour of good banter and Raiders talk, below.