Upon Further Review: Talking Hard Knocks, Minicamp, and a conversation with DeAndré Washington

Are you guys excited for Hard Knocks?

Well, the Upon Further Review crew certainly is, and the Oakland Raiders appointment as the team featured on the 14th edition of the show is obviously a big talking point on this week episode of the podcast.

In addition to Eddie Paskal breaking down what he's excited about with the show coming to Napa, he and Producer Trav also discuss the other headlines of the week, mainly the completion of Mandatory Minicamp, and the team's travel schedule for their Week 6 game with the Chicago Bears at Tottenham Stadium in London.

From there, the guys transition into an interview with this week's guest, DeAndré Washington who opens up about a trying moment in his life that has really changed his worldview as it relates to one topic in particular – gun violence.

During his time on the podcast, Washington talks about the loss of his sister, Taeisha Watkins, last year, and shares the steps that he's taking to ensure that her legacy is never forgotten, and that the attitude of gun violence in this country changes.

Following D. Wash's interview, the episode ends as most of them do, with the guys welcoming in Kyle Martin – on his birthday no less – for another installment of "Victory Formation."

This week's segment features more Hard Knocks talk – naturally – the rebirth of Kyle's mustache, and which bands everyone has on their respective bucket lists.

Per usual, it gets a little funky, but be sure to listen to the full interview, below.