Offseason Journal: James Cowser Travels To China

Posted Feb 20, 2017

James Cowser is spending a few weeks in Asia, participating in an internship with the NFL China. While he’s abroad, he’s documenting his experience for

*Linebacker/Defensive End James Cowser is spending a few weeks in Asia, participating in an internship with the NFL China. While he’s abroad, he’s documenting his experience for

By James Cowser

I got the opportunity through our awesome Player Engagement team to do an internship for NFL China. There wasn’t really a position there, but our Player Engagement department was pushing me really hard to find some sort of offseason program so I could better myself, and get ready for life after football. Well, I didn’t really want to do the business or finance boot camps, and I didn’t really want to do a CrossFit externship or something like that, so we talked about the different options that I had, and it came out that I speak Chinese, and I’ve been to China before – I’ll explain more about that in a little bit.

Through that knowledge, they said that they would call the NFL China office which is the NFL’s office stationed out in Shanghai, and they gave them a call, and the people there were super excited, and now we have some awesome opportunities in front of us. I just got my schedule, so it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of meetings and appearances where I’ll be giving talks, and I’ll be teaching and doing clinics, and I’ll also get the opportunity to be out on the field with some kids.

I know there’s going to be a ton of social media content. We’re going to be doing some fun challenges with the people, like food challenges, language challenges, just getting out and about in the community, trying to have some fun, and raise some awareness, and do some good out there.

I’m going to be out here for about two-and-a-half weeks. It’s going to be a busy time for me, but that’s exactly how I want it. I want to take in everything. I want to see everything. I want to do it all. I’m just afraid there’s not enough time in the day for me to do as much as I want to do.

As I was saying earlier, back in 2009, I redshirted in college, and then I took two years off, and I did a mission for my church, where I went out, and I actually had the opportunity to live in Hong Kong for two years, and work with the people out there, so that’s kind of why I know the language. I’m pretty decent at Cantonese, but I’m way better in Mandarin, so through my experiences out there, the people at NFL China thought it would be an awesome opportunity, to have a big, goofy, American kid come out and speak to them in their own language, and try to do some good stuff.

I’m super excited for this opportunity. Actually, the flight attendant on my flight was from Shanghai, and he was talking to me because he saw that I had the Raiders gear on. I explained to him what I was doing, and he asked me if I had been to the Mainland before. He was pretty funny, and told me just that it was going to be an exciting time, and an exciting trip, and that I should just take it all in.

Like I said, I’m excited to be headed to China, and I can’t wait to get started.