Oakland Junior Training Camp

The Oakland Raiders are currently scheduling elementary schools, recreation centers, and other non-profit organizations for 2018 Raiders Junior Training Camps – FREE youth football clinics facilitated by The Oakland Raiders and geared towards boys and girls ages 7-12. A Raiders Junior Training Camp emphasizes education, exercise and positive choices for kids in a safe and fun environment. The camp’s curriculum was developed so that any student can participate regardless of age, gender, ability, or experience.

A Raiders Junior Training Camp session is structured to a 60-minute clinic. The one-day clinics are scheduled on a Monday through Friday in March through December, and usually begin at 10:00 am.

Only 200 kids are permitted to attend a clinic, and there must be a minimum of 75 participants.

Before submitting the application to The Oakland Raiders, please verify that your organization meets the following criteria:

  • Volunteers: At least five (5) adult volunteers are needed to assist with the event.
  • Number of participants: Only 200 kids are permitted to attend a clinic, and there must be a minimum of 75 participants.
  • Location: Your facility must be located within Contra Costa or Alameda County.
  • Grass or Turf Playing Field: Must be approximately 40x40 yards.
  • Waivers: Each child must turn in a completed Liability Release Form. Waivers will be provided upon confirmation.
  • First Aid: An athletic trainer, school nurse, or someone who is CPR and first aid certified must be in attendance or on the premises.

Important Notes:

  • This program does not involve regular appearances by Oakland Raiders players or coaches.
  • Scheduling for Raiders Junior Training Camps is limited and on a first come, first served basis.
  • Each organization may apply once per year, and must be located no further than 50 miles away from The Oakland Raiders Alameda facility.
  • If your Camp is cancelled due to inclement weather, a school conflict not known at the time of scheduling, or an Oakland Raiders staffing conflict, the Raiders will make every effort to reschedule your Camp for a later date.
  • Unfortunately, the Junior Training Camp staff will have to cancel any session that does not have at least five (5) volunteers present.
  • Volunteers must meet with the Junior Training Camp coordinator 15 minutes before the start of the clinic.