AFC West Update: Getting Ready For The 2017 NFL Draft


The 2017 NFL Draft is set to begin this evening at 5 p.m. PT in Philadelphia, and will provide several ways to follow along with the event. The Silver and Black are slated the 24th overall pick of the draft and old a total of eight picks througout the process.

As far as the other AFC West teams go, here's a look at where they'll be drafting this year:

Denver Broncos

1No. 2020th
2No. 1951st
3No. 1882nd
3No. 37101st (Compensatory Pick)
4No. 20127th
5No. 34177th (Compensatory Pick)
6No. 19203rd (Via Titans)
7No. 20238th
7No. 34252nd (Compensatory Pick)
7No. 35253rd (Compensatory Pick)

Kansas City Chiefs

1No. 2727th
2No. 2759th
3No. 2791st
3No. 40104th (Compensatory Pick)
4No. 26132nd
5No. 27170th
5No. 37180th (Compensatory Pick)
6No. 33216th (Compensatory Pick)
6No. 35218th (Compensatory Pick)
7No. 27245th

Los Angeles Chargers

1No. 77th
2No. 638th
3No. 771st
4No. 6113th
5No. 7151st
6No. 6190th
7No. 7225th

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