Ante Up: Former Raider Richard Seymour is stacking chips at World Series of Poker


It's always interesting to see what former players do in their post-NFL years. Many become analysts on ESPN or NFL Network, others move out to the countryside and live quietly, but for former Oakland Raider Richard Seymour, that's not what he had in mind.

He's doing something rather unique.

Since hanging up the cleats in 2012, the seven-time Pro Bowler has spent the last several years as a competitive poker player; competing all around the world. From Florida to the Bahamas, Seymour has raked in plenty of cash, but none of his performances have been as impressive as his most-recent outing at the World Series of Poker.

Held at the Rio in Las Vegas, 8,569 participants threw down the $10,000 entry fee to take their shot at the $10,000,000 grand prize. Seymour lasted until Day Five, outlasting nearly 95 percent of all competitors, but was eventually eliminated as the 131st player remaining. Now, 131st might not sound impressive, but it is. The top 1,286 contestants were each awarded at least $15,000, which isn't a bad chunk of change even with the entry fee deducted.

Seymour's career as a professional poker player appears to be on the rise, and prior to his recent event had a career earnings of $638,293. While some may have chosen other alternatives after playing in the NFL, the former member of the Silver and Black is still making headlines as a competitor.