Armstrong: "You Want to Win"

Q: How do you think that it went Sunday? [Interim Head Coach Tony Sparano] said he could really feel your presence on defense quite a bit.

Armstrong:"I think it went okay, but the end result is you want to win. No matter how I played, just getting that win is what we're all going out to do."

Q: Is it difficult to kind of get thrust into that spot?

Armstrong:"I mean, it's your job. You're a backup, so you have to expect those things. At any point in time you could just get out there, so with a limited amount of practice reps you still have to perform and do your job."

Q: How beneficial is this playing time for you in terms of developing and getting better?

Armstrong:"It's very beneficial. It's always good to get game reps, so I'm just going out there and trying to take every game in and get better off of each mistake."

Q: What do you learn from being out there in the game that maybe you don't get in practice?

Armstrong:"Just the speed, tempo. You can't get the same speed of the game in practice, so just getting the game speed and the game reps is a lot different from practice."

Q: Have you ever gotten game reps like that before with the Rams? Were you primarily a special teams guy?

Armstrong:"Not really, other than the preseason."

Q: So that was pretty much the most you've played in a regular season game?


Q: You played safety at the U [University of Miami]?


Q: Getting some experience at linebacker; how has that transition gone? Has it been a year?

Armstrong:"Second. This is my second year of action."

Q: Do you feel like you're really into the flow of what you need to do as a linebacker now?

Armstrong:"Yeah, just every day trying to get better. I'm not completely there yet, so still just trying to get better every day."

Q: When you were going through the process from going to college to the pros, were they telling you that were going to be a linebacker at the next level or were some people looking at you as a safety?

Armstrong:"They were telling me when I was coming out, so I was aware of it."

Q: What were the nuances that went along with the transition?

Armstrong:"Just basically just getting acclimated and just being in the box. Just coming from the secondary, being back there roaming around you didn't have to worry about run fits. Just playing linebacker, you have to know where your D-linemen are going to go in and fit off them accordingly."

Q: There have been so many changes and so many moving parts on this defense this year. Who did you look at to kind of get you put in your place during the week besides your position coach?

Armstrong:"Actually, it was Miles Burris and Sio Moore helping me along the way. Just my other fellow linebackers pushing me along the way."

Q: Do you think this could be a good opportunity to show you can start at this level?

Armstrong:"It's always great having good opportunity and just like you said, it's what you do with it. Just trying to make the most of it and help my team out."

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