Asomugha Offers Holiday Assist


For the last six years Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha has followed a holiday tradition all his own. "What I do is identify a few families in need in the Bay Area. We try to find them, seek them out and see how we can help them during this time of the year - because everyone should be happy and enjoying things at this time," Asomugha said.

This holiday season eight families received a nice treat a couple of days before Christmas when they were invited to the Raiders facility in Alameda to enjoy a meal, gifts and a tour of the locker room. "We brought them here and they were able to get a good meal and see the place and all that kind of stuff," Asoumgha said.

They were also surprised with a gift card to a renowned restaurant and a donation to help with expenses. "This is just something that I wanted to do. I started maybe in 2004, that was the first year and I have just been doing it every year since," Asomugha said. "It has been successful, so I figure I keep doing it just because of the happiness from them makes you want to do it again."

Asomugha posed for pictures with everyone and signed pictures, hats and footballs that had been given as part of gift bags.

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