Bodiford and Parsons visit Washington Care and Rehab Center


Recently, Raiders WR Shaun Bodiford and OL Alex Parsons spent their day off sharing time with the residents of Washington Care and Rehab Center in San Leandro, Calif.  The Center provides seniors with long and short-term care assisted living. Bodiford and Parsons interacted, took pictures, and signed autographs for the residents.

The players saw the visit as a great opportunity to bring joy and excitement to the residents of the Center, some of whom do not receive frequent visitors. Bodiford, the fourth-year player out of Portland State, emphasized the importance of gaining insight from elders. "Elders are who I learned from every day and I have a lot of respect for those who have had more learning experience than I have had," said Bodiford.

Venzuela Narayan, Activities Director of the Washington Care and Rehab Center, acknowledged that many of the residents support the Raiders so having Bodiford and Parson visit was special.  Narayan explained that the Raiders are great citizens after visiting Washington Care and Rehab for the past three years.  "It is nice to bring Bodiford and Parsons into our nursing home.  It makes a big event bringing the Raiders from outside of the community to inside a nursing home," says Narayan.

Bodiford and Parsons made their way around the center into residents' rooms and met with many of the Raider fans.  Narayan talked about one resident who rarely speaks, June Moorehead, but when Bodiford and Parsons entered her room she expressed her excitement. "I feel like a million bucks," said Moorehead.  "She never speaks so that is how we know how happy she is to have special guests from the Raiders come visit," said Narayan.

Glen Goddard, Administrator of Washington Care and Rehab, said this would be a day that residents and their families would always remember.  "The highlight of this event is having a local professional sports team such as the Raiders come visit residents who have very few visitors," said Goddard. "Any time we can get family members of residents to come out and meet a special guest really means a lot to our facility."

Bodiford and Parsons were presented with the "Wish to Acknowledge the Community Commitment" award from The Washington Care and Rehab Center.  In addition, a poem was composed as a thank you gift.

Bodiford and Parsons visited the Washington Care and Rehab Center with the goal of uplifting the spirits of the elderly.  They left the Center having accomplished their goal, while also having their own spirits raised.

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