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Boller Media Session


QB Kyle Boller addressed the media. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Q: It's got to be a strange week for you, I imagine. So what are you going through this week as far as thinking about starting now that they bring a new guy in?

Kyle Boller: Yeah. It's life in the National Football League. I'm glad to have Carson. I've known Carson for a long time; same draft class, played at SC and I played at Cal so we've had some good matches. So, I'm glad to have him. He's a great player; a great person. He's going to really help this team out.

Q: Has Hue let you know who might start this week?

Kyle Boller: No, that's all up in the air right now. I'm just preparing like I'm going to be the starter. If I get the nod, then I'll be ready. That's what it comes down to.

Q: Who got more snaps on the first team?

Kyle Boller: Oh, I couldn't tell you who got more or less. I just know that we both got snaps and that's about it. It couldn't give you an exact number where he got this many and I got that many.

Q: You haven't been getting all the reps with the first team. If you are going to start not getting the full week of reps, does that make it harder this week?

Kyle Boller: No, I mean there's no excuses in this league. I've got to get myself ready to play and I feel like if I do get the nod, then I'm going to go out there and do a great job. I feel like I'm prepared, I've played in this league a long time and I know the job that I'm capable of going out there and doing.

Q: Based on this offensive system, would you be surprised if somebody is able to grasp enough of it in six days and start like Carson?

Kyle Boller: Sure. I mean this is an offense that they've run I think in Cincinnati, some similar concepts. Carson's an SC guy; a smart guy, so there's no reason why I don't think he could pick it up.

Q: How did he look today? He hasn't played since last January…

Kyle Boller: He looked good; he looked good. I definitely could tell he's been throwing and it's one of those deals where he's been a pro. He's a pro, so I'm sure he's been working out. Obviously, he didn't know if he was going to be on a team or not but I'm sure he prepared like he was possibly going to be.

Q: I almost thought that you're a better starter than you are coming off the bench. Do you feel that way because you get more rhythm at the beginning of the game or no?

Kyle Boller: Sure. I would much prefer to be a starter. I don't have a problem being a backup. Obviously, everybody's goal is to be a starter but you get to practice during the week and kind of like you said, get into a rhythm. So in that way, I think it is a little bit easier.

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to Jason [Campbell]?

Kyle Boller: I talked to Jason briefly yesterday. I think everything went well and just keeping his spirits high. It's unfortunate that happened to him. He's such a good player and a good guy and I've had such a great relationship with him. I'm just looking forward to him coming back here in the building and being able to spend some time with him.

Q:Kyle, this attitude that you're expressing – Is there a time when a guy might not have been mature enough to accept this kind of an attitude that you're talking about right now?

Kyle Boller: As far as myself?

Q: Yeah.

Kyle Boller: Sure. I've learned a lot over the last eight years, going into my ninth year. Listen, I want to be out there on the field. This is my job; I want to be an NFL quarterback and I'm going to do everything I can to go out there and perform and to give this team every chance to win the game. That's my job as a quarterback and if I'm the guy they choose to put out there on Sunday, I'm going to everything in my right mind to make sure that that happens.

Q: How did you feel on Sunday going into that game? It was tight ballgame when you went in. How did you feel and how do you feel how it progressed throughout the game?

Kyle Boller:I felt like it got better as the game went on. The ultimate goal is to get a win. I felt like I protected the ball very well, there were no turnovers, and I felt like I managed the game well and ultimately we got the win. So obviously I want some throws back and things here or there, but the ultimate goal is to win and we did. So, I was excited about that.

Q: Did it help to know that you had Darren McFadden and Michael Bush you could you lean on and a real strong running game? You ran for 151 yards…

Kyle Boller: Definitely. Those are guys – not only them, but the receivers. A guy like Darrius [Heyward-Bey] – my job is to give them the ball. I don't really want to run that much. I'd rather give it to them and let them do their thing, but we've got a great team. I enjoy working with these guys each day and it's been fun to get to know them and execute with them.

Q: Did Coach request to talk to you individually?

Kyle Boller: No, I didn't talk to Coach. I think this all happened pretty fast. I was spending time with my wife and my baby, but I obviously found it when mostly everybody else found out.

Q: Carson's kind of a quiet guy. How do you think he's going to fit into this locker room, one of the most difficult ones maybe in the NFL? 

Kyle Boller: Oh, I think he'll fit in fine. I don't know; I guess he's quiet in a way but he's a great guy. I think guys are going to really enjoy him and I know me just spending time with him today, I think we'll mesh well and it'll be good.

Q: When do you expect to get word on who's starting?

Kyle Boller: You'd have to ask Coach Jackson about that. I have no idea. I'm just going to prepare. I've prepared every week like I'm the starter and obviously, I'll get more reps here at practice. But the watching tape and going over the game plan, all that stuff will stay the same.

Q: Kyle, as a competitor, as a person I guess and a player on this team, what was your reaction initially when you heard about the trade?

Kyle Boller: That's football. I mean obviously, Carson's a great player. He's a guy that's proven himself. All I can do is what I can control and that's come to work, prepare, and be the best player I can be. So like I said, I'm glad to have them. I think he's a great player and you want to get as many great guys on the team as you can and I feel like we have two – three really good ones now, Jason's out. So, we'll go from there.

Q: I know you've faced off a few times in college. What was your record against him?

Kyle Boller: Oh, God. I think he has me in the record category. We had a good one down there my senior year. We were beating 21-3 at halftime but sure enough, they came back and beat us in the end. So, they got that one.

Q: Has he said anything about that?

Kyle Boller: No, he hasn't said anything about that.

Q: On your last drive, I think you had three completions in a row when you got down there for the 4th and 1 and couldn't get it. By then, were you starting to feel in that game like, 'Okay, it's coming now'?

Kyle Boller: Yeah, that was a good drive for our offense. We took a lot of clock off that game and got into a rhythm and that will come. I'm not really worried about that. I feel very comfortable out there, I feel like I understand this offense, I feel like I'm a leader on this team and I feel like if I get the opportunity that I can go out there and prove myself.

Q: Like you said, it's football but you don't feel like there's any slight to you because you've been here since training camp and you've been the guy that's the backup for Jason?

Kyle Boller: No. I mean that's Coach's decision and I'm good with whatever he decides to do. It's one of those deals where – I keep saying; I'm going to prepare like I'm going to be the guy and when he tells me that I'm going to be the guy, then I'll be ready to go.

Q: There was the situation last week were Quentin Groves got sat aside for [Aaron] Curry, but then he went down on special team and make some big hits including one inside 20. Is that kind of…?

Kyle Boller: I sure hope so. Yeah, a guy like that, he is not selfish. We've got a lot of guys that are competitors, are team guys, and that 's ultimately what you want. You want a guy that's going to come in here, regardless of what the situation is, and help this team win and Quentin did a great job of that last week.

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