Broncos HC John Fox Talks Week 17


Q: What has C.J. Anderson brought to you guys since he has come in? Has he been a surprise to you at all?

Coach Fox:"When these guys sit in those seats in the first team meeting, they don't get one of those seats without having some talent, and C.J. was no different. I think the fact that he came in as a college free agent, he has had to fight and earn everything he's got. It says a lot about his football character, his personal character. He got the opportunity. He flashed a year ago and then this year, due to injuries, he got a better look and he's taking full advantage of it."

Q: After 15 games, do you look at Derek Carr and still consider him a rookie?

Coach Fox:"They are usually rookies until four games into their sophomore season. I think, from that standard, probably yes. But, I've seen a young quarterback with a lot of skills, can make all the throws, looks way more comfortable this time around than he was back in November when we faced him. So, I've seen a guy get better, and that's really what I look at more than years of service."

Q: The last time that you played Oakland, Latavius Murray wasn't part of this running game. Does this running game look different with him as the primary back?

Coach Fox:"I think so. He's got good production. He looks like he has good size. It's a good one-two punch with he and [Darren] McFadden, [Maurice Jones-Drew] in there. You have a group that brings a lot of different looks to you. Very similar to a week ago. I think Oakland is committed to running the ball even with some of their groups that they play in a game, a little bit like Cincinnati. We didn't exactly tear it up last week, so it's something that's got out attention and we're working very, very hard."

Q: In that first game against the Raiders, what were they doing defensively that was giving you guys trouble early on?

Coach Fox:"I think that's a big strength of their defense, is their front. They are big, physical. You have a young guy in Khalil Mack, who is one of the better talents in the league on one end. And Justin Tuck, who has done a lot. You have good presence and good [players] inside. I thought it took us a minute to kind of get an idea of what was going on and adjust."

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