Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak: "They have a great young quarterback"


Q: What jumps out from watching the Raiders' offense on films?

Coach Kubiak: "First off, they have a great young quarterback. That's the No. 1 thing that jumps at you. He's very talented, makes a lot of plays, not only with his arm but with his feet. I think he really does a great job of spreading the football around and being a headache defensively as far as what they do. Talented group and another challenge for our football team."

Q: Can you see a jump in Derek Carr from last year to this year?

Coach Kubiak: "I think everybody makes a big jump from year one to year two. That's usually where you see a lot of progress made in this business. He's a very talented, young man. He has a great arm. Like I said, the biggest thing too is if he's not making plays throwing, he can take off and really hurt you with his feet. So we'll have to do our job."

Q: You guys made some scheme changes this year. Have they gone as smoothly as you thought they would?

Coach Kubiak: "I don't know if anything ever goes smooth. It's work and that's what we're doing. So we're just trying to battle every day and trying to get better as a football team and trying to improve. We just got off the field and had another good Wednesday practice, so you just stick to the grind trying to get better."

Q: What do you think the addition of Aldon Smith brings to the Raiders?

Coach Kubiak: "I think it's been excellent. He's obviously a great player. They have two great edge football players and they create a bunch of problems. A talented group and it will be very difficult for us offensively. Add having to do it with the noise. It's y'all's place, makes it even tougher, so we have a lot of respect for him."

Q: Charles Woodson turned 39 today. Are you surprised at all about how long he's been able to play and how good he is?

Coach Kubiak: "You know what, I'm not because I've obviously watched him for years and years. I have so much respect for him as person and a player. Just to watch him to continue to lead and play and be the player that he is. For me, being in this league a long, long time, I just have great respect for him. Tell him I said, 'Happy Birthday.' I know one thing, he's one great player."

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