Brown: "I think it's a heated rivalry"


Q: What's this week like for you?**

Brown:"It's exciting. I think two great teams, two great franchises, another opportunity to play football on Sunday."

Q: You've been a part of both franchises, you're probably as qualified as anybody to speak to the rivalry and what this game means to the area.

Brown:"It means a lot just for the area and also for the organizations as well. I think when you think of the Bay Area you think of both teams. You think of tradition. You think of both teams. At the end of the day it's about 11 guys on both sides of the ball, coming out, playing physical and going out there competing and winning a football game."

Q: Have you heard from some of the guys over there?

Brown:"Yeah, I've talked to some of the fellows."

Q: What advice do you give since you know them better than anybody?

Brown:"Advice to my teammates? It's going to be a physical match-up. I think the biggest advice I can say is be ready. It's going be electric out there. I think the atmosphere will be great. Besides all of that, you just have to go out there and play football. Let the chips fall where they fall. Go out there and compete, down in and down out, and let the best man win."

Q:  You've worked against Crab [Michael Crabtree] and [Anquan] Boldin hundreds of times. What's the difference going to be like doing it in the game?

Brown:"Well, I'll have the opposite jersey so it won't be practice. That's the biggest thing I guess. The times going against those guys were more practice, but now I'll be against those guys on the opposite side of the field, wearing a different colored jersey. I look forward to it. It's going to be exciting. They'll be hyped up to play against me. I'll be hyped up to play against them, and it's always great competition when you go against guys you're familiar with."

Q: The record now is nothing what you expected when you came here, but when you look back at it now, are you still okay with the decision to come here and everything?

Brown:"Yeah, I wouldn't change it. I think once you sign up for something, you have to finish it. I'm that type of guy where when I sign up for something, I'm going to give you everything I have until the end. I'm still jacked up about signing here. I love the guys. I love the locker room. I love the organization. We just don't have the wins we feel like we should have. We let a couple slip through our hands, and it's a learning experience. When you have a younger team, you have those ups and downs and things of that sort, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world."

Q: Erasing the Rams game, the two previous games defensively were really solid, but still the one thing that hasn't happened really is the interceptions and the takeaways. Is that just a luck thing?

Brown:"That's not necessarily true. I think when you're behind in a lot of games, a lot of teams don't go out to try to throw the ball. If you think about playing against Green Bay, they're up a lot. They score a lot of points, so teams are behind often and they're trying to throw the ball around to get opportunities to get in the end zone, but for us, we've been behind in most of our games, so it's been a run heavy or quick game heavy team. Things like that happen. You have years like that, but that doesn't mean you're not a good football player just because you're not getting a lot of turnovers. For you to have a successful team, you want to get those types of turnovers."

Q: Kap's [Colin Kaepernick] not running as much as he did earlier in his career, but how much do you still have to be cognizant of the athleticism that guy brings?

Brown:"He's an amazing quarterback. I think he can do it with his arm and his legs. He's doing a great job of spreading the ball around with all the weapons that he does have. He's not running as much because he doesn't have to. He has two good running backs, a good fullback, tight ends that can play, and multiple receivers that he can get the ball to, so those guys will do most of the running and running after the catch. For us, we have to be sound tacklers. We have to go out there and limit the YAC [Yards After Catch] yards, and that's something the coaches have been harping on throughout this week."

Q: How do you guys improve tackling?

Brown:"There's no way you can just flip the switch. I think everybody running to the ball. I think when you get all 11 guys running to the ball, if one guy misses, another guy can help you out and protect you on that. If we keep getting guys running to the ball, we'll definitely limit the yards after catch and also the missed tackles."

Q: Does [Jim] Harbaugh kind of foster that environment where all the outside stuff is just channeled aside?

Brown:"I think that as a professional, us included with y'all. You hear about things going on a day-to-day basis with your boss or you as an employee. You just never know. At the end of the day all you can do is keep your head down and keep working and stay consistent with what you're doing and work to get better day in and day out. I don't think those guys are focused on those types of things. I think they're focused on the next upcoming game and whatever happens at the end of the year happens at the end of the year."

Q: Do you think you earn any extra respect with the Bay Area fans if you guys go in and get the win?

Brown:"Earn any extra respect? I would say so. I think it's a heated rivalry. Bragging rights for the year. I'm not sure when the Raiders and San Francisco play again after this year, so I'm not really sure about that, but I think you get the bragging rights for the year and the Oakland fans would really be excited about that."

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