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Campbell Media Session


QB Jason Campbell answers questions from the media. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Q: How was it to have Jacoby [Ford] back out there?

Jason Campbell: It's always good to see all your guys back out there, especially as a quarterback. You call them your toys because every last one of them does something different – every last one of them is special to what we do as an offense. So, it definitely feels good trying to get him back into the flow of things.

Q: What's the mindset when you go against a team that has scored over 30 like 11 straight weeks. As an offense, do you think 'we have to keep pace this week?' You guys have averaged over 30 about the past eight games…

Jason Campbell: Yeah, you know, just two offenses that like to score points and I think both teams do things very well to get the ball in their playmaker's hands. New England is a team that likes to get the ball to Wes Welker. They have great tight ends, they have young receivers, and Tom Brady is Tom. He's going to go out and spread the ball around, so our defense understand it is a big task and as an offense, we understand that we're probably going to get one of their better shots on defense. They just lost to Buffalo and anytime you come off of a loss, you're more hungry for the next game. So, we understand it's going to be a big game. It's even bigger than last week's game.

Q: Do you feel like you guys kind of know where they're at after that loss to Buffalo because you guys just lived it?

Jason Campbell: We just lost to Buffalo in a similar fashion. We were up 21-3 at the half, they were up 21-0 at the half, and both of us lost that game in the second half. So, our demeanor next week was to improve and their mindset is the same thing. It's to improve and try to get things back on track. For us, it's to try to keep things back on track so it's a big game for both of us in a lot of different ways. It's an AFC game and we're expecting it to be as packed as it was last week.

Q: How important was it to have Kevin Boss back?

Jason Campbell: Oh, it's big. Kevin is a big guy – he's a big target. He's 6'7, the guy has long arms, so it's always good to have him back in our offense and he's a big part of our run game. The run that Darren [McFadden] scored from 70 yards out, he had a huge block on that play. He gave him a chance to get the edge, to get outside and get into open field so he's a big part of what we do.

Q: Have you talked to Richard Seymour about their defense and put him under the spotlight to pick his brain?

Jason Campbell: Not yet, but I'm pretty sure they do some things differently than when he was there. But at the same time, like you said, they are a disciplined football team and [Bill] Belichick he's known for getting his team to regroup, to get their minds reset after a loss. So, we understand what type of team we're going against.

Q: At what point did you begin to feel comfortable with the offensive line? You were having to go through guys hurt and they were working out some young guys…

Jason Campbell: I'd probably say the third preseason game. We got a chance to play the Saints and all the different multiple looks they were giving us, different blitzes and we were able to pick a lot of them up. I think that's when you see as a quarterback that we've definitely improved as an offensive line unit and the guys – one thing they do very well is communicate. I think that's very important because everyone has to be on the same page from the linemen to the running backs to the tight ends and to the quarterback as far as having a complete communication and knowing whose got their guy.

Q: Belichick is known for taking away whatever the offense does best. Do you expect to see a lot eight-man fronts – them trying to crowd the line?

Jason Campbell: I'm pretty sure. Anytime you rush the ball for 230 yards in the game I'm pretty sure the team is going to stop the run. That's what every team preaches; stop the run first so we always expect that and like you said, we go into each game with a game plan for run and pass and you never know which way it's going to go. The Buffalo game went different; it became a passing game. The Denver game was more of a rushing game and last week's game, it turned out to be more of a rushing game – you just never know. But, we have plays designed to do what we have to do to score points and win games.

Q: You guys comfortable with the run that even when you guys do see those looks, you say we've got some runs, even if they bring everybody up, we can get Darren outside and still make play doing that?

Jason Campbell: We still have things, you know, where you just play football. You go out there, you make plays, and you make them happen. So, there are always things where each team does it – you just line up and run it no matter what and there are sometimes you do have your checks. There are different things that everyone does; everyone does it different but at the same time, a lot of that stuff is what you do on the sideline during the game. Before the game, it's all pretty much talk and try to design what you think another team is going to do. You really never know until you actually play on Sundays because a lot of teams change up what they do.

Q: When you watch Brady, what is the one thing he does that you really appreciate and that really stands out?

Jason Campbell: He just really spreads the ball around. It's not like he's just picking one guy and throwing the ball to him. Wes Welker had 16 catches and the reason why, when you watch the film, is the guy does such a good job running routes. He creates separation and as a quarterback, you like that. If you can get that match-up a lot during the game, you take it and that's something he does very well.

Q: Obviously you'd rather play with a lead but when you get down like you did against the Jets 17-7, what's your mindset as a quarterback for trying to get back in the game?

Jason Campbell: My mindset was to stay on course and get ourselves back into a rhythm. We started the game fast and then we kind of fell of for the next two to three series and the reason why – you look back and watch – is the third and long situations. The first down play was negative and that's what we have to stay away from. We've got to stay on positive plays, you've got to put yourself in positions to have downs where they are manageable. Once we got that going, guys stayed patient and that's a sign of maturity on our football team and just not to start to panic; you don't press the panic button. This is a 60-minute game, we've got to keep driving because the defense gets paid too. They are going to have some stops, they are going to make some plays but you've just got to stay on course and stay on task to just keep a high level.

Q: There's a lot of buzz about this last week. Did you notice the change, like with Raider fans?

Jason Campbell: We try not to notice it because we have a lot to improve on as a team. We feel like we've got a long ways to go, the Patriots are coming in town and we know how quickly things can change. You win one, and you are the greatest teams in the world; you lose one, same old Raiders and that's usually been said. Our mindset is to keep playing and keep getting better from week to week because we're still a team that's hungry, still a team that's trying to get injured players back on the field; we're still a team that didn't complete a third down conversion last week and that's something that can't happen. So, there's things we have to improve on – eliminate negative penalties, eliminate the personal foul penalties, so there's a lot of things we have to improve on. So, we're not trying to get caught up in things that have been said about our team. We appreciate the respect, but at the same time, we've got a ways to go.

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