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Carr Covers Numerous Topics


Q: Andre Holmes is coming off a huge game and has back-to-back productive games. Do you hope that Holmes becomes that go-to guy?**

Carr:"Like you said, he did come off a great came. He did a great job of running the routes at the right depth and those things, catching the ball. He's really been extending plays, like the third play of the game, catching that ball and finishing the rest of it. He's doing a good job. You look at all those guys: James [Jones] is James. He's an awesome dude and I love throwing him the ball because he can catch it, that's the best part, how strong his hands are. You saw a couple of the catches he made, thank goodness he has hands like that. Go-to guy, if that's what we want to call it, I don't know if I would say that. Going through my reads, I would throw to any of them. Any of them one-on-one, I would take our guy."

Q: How much does his recent success have to do with the trust that you have in him?

Carr:"I definitely trust him, no doubt. I like the size of our receivers also, the ones that play outside. I love giving them chances to go get balls. When they do, it puts it in the back of my head like 'he caught the last one, let's go at it again.' So I definitely like giving those guys chances, especially when I know that they'll come down with it."

Q: If you're running the offense the way you want to run it, should there be such a thing as a number one receiver? Or does the progression make the receiver number one?

Carr:"I think it just depends. You can game-plan to get guys the ball. You could switch their position to get them number one in the progression and all those things. With our guys, we just line up and we just tell them all to win. It doesn't matter if they are the first progression or the fifth, they are all just there to do their job. There are ways, obviously you can throw screens to them to get more catches and get the ball in their hands kind of thing. For us, we just keep them in their spots. Of course we change formations and move them around, but whatever they play is what they play."

Q: As you studied football for as long as you have, how closely have you watched Carson Palmer?

Carr:"Funny thing about that is, he went to the same junior high as my brother. Him, Billy Voleck and my brother were the three quarterbacks in a row at that junior high. They have a quarterback tradition there at Kastner Junior High, so I'm told, as the legend goes. I guess that's where it starts, is Kastner. Carson is a great player. He has a great arm. I remember watching him at USC and was a big fan of his. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to be playing against him. Again, luckily I'm not guarding anybody because they've got pretty good receivers. I don't think I'd fare well. It's going to be cool to be able to talk to him after the game and all those things."

Q: A lot has been made of your new role as a lead the last couple of weeks. If a guy has been in a funk, like Denarius Moore, do you try to approach him? What has been your dealings with Denarius the past few weeks?

Carr:"With him, when he got in the game last week, he played so hard. His effort was great. You turn the film on and I think I threw it to someone else but you just watch him running down the field and that guy was flying. You see those things and you go up to him and say 'man, that's good stuff right there, keep that going.' Just encouragement. If I were to run a route like that, I would want someone to tell me that I did a good job. I'm more of an encourager. When I see good things, I'm here to encourage and make sure those things are going right. I'm here to encourage myself, that's one part of it. I want to make sure that I'm doing the right things as well."

Q: The Cardinals will use six or seven defensive backs in one play. How does that factor in to what you can do?

Carr:"That goes onto Oly [Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson] and his philosophy for this game. We want to know what our matchups are and all those things. It's hard to say right now, especially early in the week, but we have an idea of what we want to do obviously as we went out and practiced today. When they put all those DBs on the field, which they do, the ones that come in and play the linebacker position, they're physical. They're just like a linebacker, but they can run. It just depends how the offensive coordinator wants to go about that."

Q: Did you like the game plan from Sunday that allowed you to push the ball downfield and get chunks of yards?

Carr:"Yeah, it was great and again, coverages are going to dictate that kind of stuff. They did some stuff that allowed us to – the touchdown we throw to Andre, they can easily play Cover-2 to that and it's not a very good play – I can't say good play, but we're going to have to go somewhere else with the ball and maybe we get the first down, maybe we don't, maybe someone breaks eight tackles. But that's just one of those things. Coverage is going to dictate those things. On that play, the safety was going back to the middle and he jumped the route just like Oly thought he would, and we were able to hit a big play."

Q: With Patrick Peterson playing corner on the other side, you've shown no inclination yet to shy away from any receiver regardless of who's guarding him – Revis, Flowers last week, you went right at them. Is it just the offense is going to dictate where you go?

Carr:"Exactly, and trust me, I know those things happen. I know we can say, 'Hey, you threw at him. You threw at him.' It's not an arrogant thing. It's not one of those things at all. Trust me, I know where they are and I'm very careful about where we're throwing it, what routes we're throwing. Patrick Peterson, obviously, is one of – it depends who you talk to – is the best, or one of the best, corners/return guys in the NFL. You just turn the film on and you're like, 'Wow, that guy plays corner? He looks like a linebacker and runs a 4.1,' or whatever. He's a great player. I'll know where he is every snap, but to me, I have to go through my reads. Like I tell you guys, if I were just to eliminate one side of a play or a progression, I'm hurting us and I can't do that. I've got to be able to trust that our guys will make the plays against whoever is guarding them. But I promise you, I know where those guys are at all times as soon as I break the huddle."

Q: It seems like a broken record, but each week we talk about you not being touched very often. Can you talk about the progress of this offensive line for them to go that many passing attempts with no sacks?

Carr:"Oh, my goodness, I'm very appreciative. I appreciate it a lot. I know my wife appreciates it. They've been doing such a fantastic job, especially with the extra-effort type things – things like maybe they're sliding one way and there's no one there, they're going to come back and help somewhere else. Just stuff that you just, as a quarterback, sit back and watch and are so thankful that they're doing those kind of things for you. Especially last week, we turned the film on and there's times where there's no one within eight yards of me. I can tell you I'm very thankful for that, because I've learned when you get hit and when you're on your back, you can't complete the football, it's physically impossible. I learned that about 12 years ago when I was a little kid, too. I got to watch that firsthand."

Q: ESPN had a graphic that said through five games, you've been sacked three times and your brother had been sacked more than 20 times?

Carr:"I thought it was more like 30, 31 (laughing)."

Q: So 31 times?

Carr:"Mad respect to big brother. Mad respect that he could physically take that, because I barely got touched one time on Sunday and woke up grabbing my neck, it was all sore. All I can say is I have a lot of respect for the toughness that guy has, because trust me, it's not easy standing in there."

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