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Carr Growing, Learning as Rookie QB


Q: After watching the film, are there anymore revelations about what happened on offense or what the problems were on offense?**

Carr: "It was a combined effort of a lot of things. Just little details that we need to shore up in practice, and we will. It was a combined effort of a lot of things. Just little details, and that's what was frustrating about it. But now we're on to Kansas City."

Q: Can you talk about the challenges of the short week for somebody in your position?

Carr: "Obviously, this is my first time doing it, again, relying on my coaches, [Matt] McGloin and 'Schaubby' [Matt Schaub]. Relying on them and just asking them lots of questions, just kind of seeing how they go about their business because we all do everything together. Just really trying to learn how to do it on a short week. That's what I'm doing right now. Yes, there is a lot, obviously, for every quarterback to get ready for, especially with a talented defense like Kansas City has. But, it just puts more on your plate and you just knock it out with the time that we do have."

Q: Is there any way that can be a good thing in that maybe you have to concentrate on a few things or do you try and put everything you would do in a long week into a short week?

Carr: "The way I prepare, I have to prepare for everything. If you only focus on a few things, you are going to miss out on a lot, especially at the quarterback position in this league. You can't skip on anything, especially playing the quarterback position."


Q: How is your body holding up, having played more games than you have played?**

Carr: "Good. Obviously, with any season, there are always bumps and bruises. But as long as I am out there, that's a good thing. You just keep playing. I talked to a veteran today. He was like, 'How are you feeling, besides that it's Week 12 or whatever?' It's just one of those things. There is always going to be something with everybody, but you just keep battling through it."

Q: What is your initial look at the Chiefs' defense?

Carr: "Very talented. They have talent everywhere. They play very hard. You can tell they are very well-coached. They don't just leave guys open, they don't just blow coverages. It shows. They've won five in a row now. They are on a good streak. The first thing that pops into your mind though is how much talent they have on that side of the ball."

Q: Tony Sparano said that [Chiefs defensive coordinator] Bob Sutton is kind of from the Rex Ryan school of defense. Can you recall back on anything that the Jets did that you can look at as you prepare for the Chiefs?

Carr: "There were a couple of things that they did that throughout the season so far, other teams have tried to throw at us, throw at me, being a rookie, seeing if you can learn from things you saw before. I think we got to be one of the most pressured teams in the NFL. Rightfully so. It happens with every rookie that ever comes in. So, it's happened a couple of times throughout the year. Will KC do it? I don't know. You're always prepared for those things, but you have to see what they do and see what they can do off of what they already do. If it happens, it happens. But it's stuff that has shown up before, not just with these guys obviously."

Q: Did your quad get hurt noticeably in the game?

Carr: "Yeah, I did it kind of during the game. It was really in the first quarter. It's not a big deal. It just obviously is tight. Coming off of a plane trip and sleeping and not moving around. It was just tight. I'll be OK. I'm not worried, no. I'm not worried at all."

Q: In recent games, I think the most total offense you guys have had is 233 yards, with the exception of the Seattle game. Do you see this offense ascending and getting better?

Carr: "That's tough. Obviously, you want to have more yards. Obviously, we want to have more points. As a whole, we have to continue to work on the little details. That's what showed up in the past couple of games. We just have to continue to iron out those things. Until we do, we just have to keep working at it. For me, I know in my mind, I am still progressing, I am still going in the right direction. I am making the right checks, right reads at the best of my abilities. Being able to see things, some things for the first time, some things not. That's something I asked Greg Olson. I asked what else I need to do because you could throw everything you want at me and I am going to do my best to handle it and get better. I asked him today, 'What else do you need me to do?' He said, 'You just keep growing like you are.' I am just going to continue to keep working and keep doing the things that him and John DeFilippo teach me and have taught me already."

Q: Have they gradually given you more freedom at the line of scrimmage to change things?

Carr:"Yeah. Yeah, I guess you could say that. In this offense alone, we're already asked to do so much, rookie or veteran, it doesn't matter. [Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Greg] Olson, that's why he's so good at – him and 'Flip' [quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo] are so good at getting young quarterbacks and helping them grow throughout their careers, is because they throw everything at you. They give you everything. They say, 'Here it is, now go do it right.' You know? And obviously, early on, you're not going to do everything right. OTAs you learn, training camp you learn. But I guess you could say progressively, in a sense, yes, but since the beginning, all the protection, all the run game calls all those kind of things, he's thrown at me just to see how much you can handle and the more you can handle he lets you keep doing it. With coach Olson, it's been, he kind of just threw it all at you at first and then you're just expected, he expects you to catch up with it."

Q: How often are you changing plays at the line of scrimmage?

Carr:"Oh, man. That's hard to say, I'm really trying to think for you. Sometimes in two-minute he'll let me go, sometimes, if we're in that kind of mode, not saying there's just two minutes left. If we're in that kind of mode he'll let me go sometimes. But, really it's nothing that I'm venturing off on. It's stuff that I've talked to him about, it's stuff that I've brought to his attention on the sideline before we go out there. So, it's nothing like that. Changing plays happens, whatever the play is called, we have plays called but if it's ever a bad look for that play he tells – 'Hey, get out of that play, get into something else.' So there are times where that happens, but it's never anything where I'm saying, 'Hey, not doing that, I'm doing this.' Yeah, absolutely."

Q: Do you still see something every game that you've never seen before?

Carr:"I wouldn't say, I can't say every game, but there are definitely things especially with the different pressure packages people have, with the different coverages people show. Kind of like, I made a comment about how San Diego showed something in the first game, they tried to make it look the same and they brought something else, so that was something for me to see. So, I don't know about every game, but obviously there is something new, because every time I go out there it's my first time."

Q: It must be getting less?

Carr:"Depending on the defense, yeah. Depending on what the defense does. Some people, a lot of people say 3-4 and all 3-4 teams are the same. They play different fronts with the 3-4, different coverages, those kind of things also."


Q: Last time you played under the lights in this stadium you had a pretty good game. How excited are you to play in the Coliseum, Thursday Night Football? What would it mean to get the first win of the season?**

Carr:"Man. It would be awesome. I'm still waiting for it, but I'm working for it. I'm not just waiting for it to happen. It'd be great. It'd be great for our fans, it'd be great for our team, for our coaches. That's what I get excited for, that's what I play for. Obviously number one for my faith, but I play for others. I just try and serve, honestly. I want to see everyone else smile. I want to see our fans happy. I want to see our coaches happy, my teammates happy. I want to see everyone smile and that's what makes me excited. I don't do it for myself. I'm very excited for the opportunity. Hopefully we'll get the win so I can see all my friends smiling."

Q: What can you say about Latavius Murray? Coach Sparano said he may get more snaps…

Carr:"Snaps-wise, that's up to coach, obviously. Whoever is in there, we're rolling. I thought that he did a good job. After watching the film, he hit the hole hard. He ran physical, like he is, he's a big guy. He's a big type back. He showed a good burst through the line of scrimmage and that was really good to see. He did some good things. He did some good things there, good stuff in the pass game. He did a good job on his check down, getting out quick. His guy didn't come, got out quick, so I had somewhere to go with the ball. Those are little things that, maybe some people don't notice, but that's important. Instead of it being a negative play, we were able to get it out and he was able to get at least something out of it. So, I thought he did a good job and if he's in there I feel very comfortable with him."

Q: Has he been pretty upbeat even though he has been the third back this whole year?

Carr:"You're talking about prior? Yes, yeah, oh absolutely. He's never someone where you've got to worry about, 'Oh is he going to be okay?' He's always the same guy every day, to me it seems. He comes to work, he's very excited about what he's doing. He knew once he got his shot he was going to go in there and run as hard as he could and that's what he did and it was good to see. I was happy for him."

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