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Carr: "I keep a notebook on every coordinator"


Q: Do you keep tabs on how the other rookie quarterbacks are doing?**

Carr:"Obviously, actually, I pay attention to all the quarterbacks. I'm still a fan. I pay attention to everybody, I'll see some of the throws guys made and things like that. But, I still talk to [Jaguars QB] Blake [Bortles] a lot. When I got hurt, Blake reached out to me, I've reached out to Blake. So, we've kept a relationship going. Getting ready for the Browns game, they scored a touchdown late, the Jags did, and there was a face picture of Blake, making a funny face in the end zone, so I took a picture of the film and sent it to him, so we still have fun and things like that, and just encourage each other. It's a long season, a lot longer than college, and we just continue to encourage each other and things like that."

Q: As far as being competitive, do you want to be the best in this class?

Carr:"I don't even think of it that way, I think of everybody. I don't say that to step on any toes or anything, that's just my mindset. Every time I compete, every time I work, every time I study, I want to be the best at it, knowing that I'll never be perfect but I'm striving to be, one day, striving that way. So, it's not really just a group of guys I look at, it's like everybody. That's just how I look at it."

Q: Did your paths cross with Johnny Manziel?

Carr:"I saw him at the combine, spent some time with him there and he was great. Around the players, he was a good dude. I have nothing but good things to say about him."

Q: Do you look at the fellow members of your rookie draft class here as a foundational class to stick together and turn this thing around?

Carr:"Yeah, absolutely. I've actually gotten together with a group of them and I plan on getting together with all of them and really saying, 'Hey, they drafted us here for a reason and we've got to stick together and keep the positive attitude going,' because this thing is eventually going to turn around. Hopefully, it's this week, hopefully it's sooner than later, but I tell them all the time, 'Hey we're going to be a part of it, we're going to be a part of the turnaround, so let's keep that positive attitude. Let's keep that hard work going and be the examples.' Even though we are rookies, we are playing a lot and some of us are in leadership type positions, so we do need to keep that positive mindset because it's so easy right now to be down. That's the easy thing to do. It's easy to go home and feel upset and sad but the hard thing to do is to keep your head down and keep working and come to work with a positive attitude and energy. That's what I try to bring and that's what I try to tell those guys as well."

Q: Mychal Rivera's production has dropped off the past couple weeks. Do you expect to make the tight end position over the middle more useful?

Carr:"A lot of it has to do with what coverage it is. There are some times that there is a coverage where we probably are trying to give him the ball, but the coverage they're playing, you've got to go somewhere else with it because you can't do it. He's a great playmaker, he's a guy that I trust more than anything. I never know how many catches guys get or who I'm throwing to, those kind of things, unless I was in college and [former college teammate and current Packers WR] Davante [Adams] and those guys would tell me, just a shout at them,but I really don't know those things, so just looking at it, we do have plays designed for him, it's just what coverage are they playing, is it the right look and all those kind of things."

Q: You got him for an 18-yard first down to convert one of your third downs…

Carr:"Absolutely. That was one of them. Because we ran a similar play earlier and the way they kind of played it, it wouldn't have been a big gain like that. Obviously, it was a different coverage, different look, but we came back to it and then they played a certain coverage and he was able to get open on that."

Q: You talked about the importance of staying positive and being the same quarterback at 0-6 that you are at 6-0. Are you able to shut it off when you walk out of the building, or does some of this kind of linger when you go home?

Carr:"Oh, no. I've been through too much in just my life to let football bring me down, and that's the honest truth. TI's not a cliché. It's not me just saying that. I've been through way too much in just my little, short time here on Earth to let my job affect when I go home. I've got so much more important things to do when I get home – being a Christian role model for my son, being a  great husband, being a loyal, faithful husband. Those things, as you get to know me, are up there on my priority list. I don't bring it home. Sometimes if I come home and I'm down about a throw or down about that, my wife does a great job of saying, 'Hey, you'll get it next time,' or she'll encourage me in things like that, because she knows me. To be completely honest, when I go home – if you were at my house right now, I'm the same guy talking to you just as I hang out with my brothers or hang out with my wife."

Q: A lot of players wear their hearts on their sleeves. Do they say, "How can you stay so positive right now?"

Carr:"I don't know, they might think it. But that's honestly just how I was raised. That's just the kind of person that I am, and I truly believe it. I really do, because like I said, it's very easy when things are hard to point a finger or to get down. I'm not trying to live my life that way, because I know that when this thing turns around, it's going to be great. I can't wait to be a part of it."

Q: Was there a time when you were younger where you did take it home? Did you learn this process as you matured?

Carr:"Oh, yeah, it was a growth. It took me – I don't remember the exact time. I even remember sitting down with "Coach Dub," Keith Williams – he was my receivers coach – and he was the first one – not really the first one, but he was one of the first coaches in college that really sat me down and said, 'Hey, life's too important, man. Life's too short to go home and be upset and these kind of things.' He was like, 'Keep that positive attitude,' because he knew how kindhearted of a person I was, but sometimes I'd get angry and I'd come in upset, and that was really early on in my college career when I was really immature. But I've learned a lot since then."

Q: Anything jump out to you watching the Browns on film? Joe Haden or any of the cornerbacks?

Carr:"Very talented. There are a lot of first-round-type picks on that defense – very physical. I say very physical, but everybody in the NFL is physical, as I'm learning. But very talented. That's one thing that when you first turn it on, it jumps out at you like, 'Wow, these guys are really talented individuals.'"

Q: Did you visit them before the draft?

Carr:"I did. Yes, I did."

Q: What was your impression of the Browns then? Did you think it was a possible match there?

Carr:"Yeah, they did a really good job of not tipping their hand on anything, or anything like that. So of course, how I think, I was like, 'Oh man, sweet. I'm going to go here or I'm going to go here,' the whole time. I had a great time with all of them. I have nothing bad to say about them. I had a great time with them. If I would've went there, I would've been happy. But I can promise you, I'm happy to be a Raider."

Q: You hear sometimes cornerbacks will take a notebook and keep it specifically for the receivers they go against. Do you do anything like that for the corners you go against?

Carr:"I keep one on every defensive coordinator. I keep a notebook on every coordinator, every head coach just in case they're a defensive guy. Even if they're an offensive guy, I know what kind of style they want to play, so if they're a head coach somewhere else kind of a deal. I keep one on every coordinator and I have notes on all the players that I need to have notes on. So I'll be able to go back and, 'What year? OK, that year he was on this team.' Kind of a deal like that."

Q: I assume it's typed into in iPad or something like that, not longhand?

Carr:"Oh, no, I'm old-school. I'm old-fashioned, oh yeah. They're all spiral notebooks. They're in my house."

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