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Carr: "I'm very confident in every game"


Q: Coach just said you gave yourselves a chance to win last time, but came up just a little bit short and that he doesn't see why you can't go out and win this game. Does that give you confidence going into this weekend?**

Carr:"Yeah. I mean, to be completely honest, I'm very confident in every game. But this will be my first time that – I think, really, in my career, in life – that I've gotten to play someone twice in one year. So I've been really relying on the veterans in our room, 'Flip' [quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo] and 'Oly' [offensive coordinator Greg Olson], just asking them, obviously, the certain questions that rookies would have when you play someone twice. We're always confident, but we know the challenge that lies ahead and we know that we lost last time. Whether it was good or bad or ugly, we still lost, and so we know how hard we have to work just to get this win against a really good football team."

Q: What can you take from the last meeting into this game?

Carr:"One thing for me is you know their personnel. You've played against them, you've seen them. For me as a rookie, that's always something that's unknown. You can see something on film, but until you're really out there playing against somebody and you see him for the first time, you don't really know. So you know the personnel and you've got notes on the personnel – things you remember – and that's something that's really helpful."

Q: You had a pretty difficult game for a lot of the Denver game with nine three-and-outs, but Tony Sparano said he thought it was important to leave his young quarterback in until the end. What did you get out of that last possession, staying in as opposed to watching from the sideline?

Carr:"One, him saying this is my football team, that's how I feel. I should be out there no matter what, good, bad or ugly. For a long time, it was ugly. For me, it was really important to continue to finish. I'm all about finishing, so it was really important to me to go out there and finish. I'm glad that they kept their guys in, because I would have been mad if they weren't. I wanted to go out there and compete one last time and just try and correct the things we'd been trying to correct all game. So we got to do that, but that's in the past now. We're moving on to San Diego."

Q: On Monday, Sparano said maybe you're just trying to do too much. How do you scale that back while still being aggressive?

Carr:"There's a fine line. There is a fine line. On the one pick, I was getting hit in the back, guys hitting my arm. I'm still trying to rip my arm through there to fire a ball to Mike [TE Mychal Rivera]. Little things like that, just knowing the situations. Learning the plays as a rookie, doing all those things, those are the first things. Now it's getting to the point we're working situationally, trying to learn those things, which obviously, 'Flip' is spending a lot of time trying to teach me in those things and I'm trying to pick up as fast as I can. So it's just knowing what's the situation, what's our matchup, all those kind of things. Again, I've always been someone who you're going to have to pull me back a little bit instead of trying to get me going. Maybe I was trying to do a little too much, like he said. But I've got to be honest, I would rather have it that way and have him say, 'Hey, let's do this," instead of them having to try and get me to go." Q: If the running game continues to struggle, you're going to have to use a lot of short completions to move the chains, and you guys have done a lot of those. Why do you think there are not a ton of yards after the catch from your receptions?

Carr:"It has to do with everything. You can't just say* *– there's not just one thing where you can say, 'It's this.' If it was that way, we would work the heck out of that and make sure we did it right the next time. I'm not really sure. We'll have to continue just to work on those things. It's just really a little bit of everything."

Q: How do you feel that the offense plays with pace?

Carr:"It's something that I think we do really well. I think that's one of the things that we do well and it's one of the things that our coaches like and in those situations they want to go with it because they know that it's something that we do well. But, again, that's one of those things that, do you do it the whole time? Do you do it this? That's above my decision making. I just go out there, whatever they say, I'm going to go do it, to the best of my ability. So far it's been working for us and I don't know, if coach wants to do it, we'll be fired up about it."

Q: What is the mood of the guys like out there? Are they persevering?

Carr:"Oh yeah. Now, I've heard, obviously, from a really close, reliable source about being on teams that started off bad, how coming to work is painful. Coming to work is hard, coming to work is a lot of negative things, and I can promise you coming here is like, Coach Sparano has done such a great job with keeping our positivity and our moods up, in meetings, the way we practice, the way we fly around. To be honest, you would come out and just hang out in our locker room or hang out in our meetings, guys are driven to get better, guys are flying around. The extra effort on practice, guys usually when a ball is completed they stop and walk back to the huddle, but you see guys still trying to sprint their tail off across the field to make a block. Those are marks and signs of good things. When the effort goes down, that's bad, but the energy level is like, honestly, like we're 9-0. Guys are running around and still striving to do whatever they can to make this thing right. Hopefully it'll be sooner than later, but like I said, it's going to happen one of these days and I'll be excited to be a part of it."

Q: There is a lot of competition at wide receiver. Guys like Brice Butler see limited time but make big plays still. What is about Brice that you've seen?

Carr:"Oh, man. Really with all the receivers, I can say this, is I trust them and that's huge. On the touchdown that he caught, I had to throw it really early. It's not the way we scripted it at all, but just based on the coverage they were playing I had to throw it really early and just trust that he was going to get inside and get there to his spot and make the play, and he did, and so when we're doing those things, that right there is a sign of good things. We're trusting each other instead of just saying, ah I don't think he's going to do it and then something bad happens. I think that I feel that way with all the guys. You watch 'D-Mo' [Denarius Moore], we're coming out backed up, I throw him a go ball and he goes up and makes a play. All those guys compete so hard that maybe yeah he has limited time, but when he gets his chance he goes in there and makes plays, just like the rest of them."

Q: The last time you played the Chargers your offense was pretty opened up. Is that reason alone to look forward to the game Sunday?

Carr:"To be honest, coming off a loss, and that's any time off a loss, you're so excited just to get back out there. You're like, man, you're tired of thinking about the loss. You want to go out there and get another chance at it, get another shot at getting that first win and for us, the feeling like you said, you hit it right, we're excited just to get back out there. That's what it is. We never go out there and just say, 'Oh, we've got to play another one.' It's not like that or anything. We're so excited to finally get out there and finally get another chance to get that first win."

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