Carr Looking Forward to Chiefs Re-Match


Q: There were a couple of plays in the game where you were outside of the pocket and you were more or less directing your receivers where to go. Is that the game slowing down for you?**

Carr:"I guess so, yeah. There have been a couple of times where we've been able to do that. In this game it was a big play with the one to Mike [Mychal Rivera] especially where we were able to hit that one. I think that just comes with us just playing with each other too, comes with knowing the routes, knowing route concepts, not pointing him into another route, those kind of things, all those kind of things. We're all just growing. It was good to see us do it, finally, in a game. We actually had a few times instances where that happened at practice today. It's good."

Q: You mentioned part of it is you guys knowing each other, but don't you also have to be very cognizant of what's going on in the back end of the defense?

Carr:"Absolutely. You've got to know what coverage they're in. You've got to know – there's always someone around, so the windows aren't going to be too big. You've got to know what they're doing and you've got to see, the guy that was covering him, he was looking at me and he was looking at Mike and when he was looking at Mike I was able to point and Mike was able to break it off, just as the guy was looking back at me. So it just happened at a really good time too to where we could have a big play."

Q: Going into the second San Diego game you were looking forward to it because it was the first time you had played a team twice in the year. Was there anything you learned from playing a team twice that you can carry over to this one?

Carr:"Like I said after that game, they'll try and show something and bring something different off of it or they'll try to show you the exact same look and bring something different off of it. They'll find a way, obviously, to make things work, things that they like, they're going to do those things. That's what I learned from San Diego. Now this being [Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator] Coach [Bob] Sutton, a different monster that we're dealing with. He could be totally different. He could be totally different. He can come out and do something else, you never know in the NFL. You've just got to trust your coaching and trust the veterans in your room that have done this before and see what they have to say on those kind of things. But, I would take away from it that the nicest thing about doing that is playing, you've seen the personnel before. You know what match-ups are good, you know what match-ups are maybe in their favor. Those are the good things that you need to know that you don't really have to think about as much, it just kind of comes naturally."

Q: You talked the other day about being able to control the defense with your eyes, with your shoulders, things like that. How has that learning process been for you?

Carr:"I would do it in college just because, I was taught those things, but it's on steroids obviously in the NFL. You're not just moving safeties, you're moving linebackers. You can keep your eyes inside for corners to overlap, go outside, just little things I'm learning just about the game. It's been cool to learn because your eyes can dictate a lot of throws being open. You can help yourself out a lot, especially in zone coverages and all those things, so, it's been nice to be able to progress and do it in games, not just practice. It shows that 'Flip' [quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo] and 'Oly' [offensive coordinator Greg Olson] are really working hard with me and it's sticking."

Q: How many opponents try to get into your head by taunting or talking?

Carr:"I talk a lot too, but I'm not rude about it. I'm not rude about it, I do talk back though. I'm kind of passionate when I play football, if you haven't noticed yet. They don't really – it's the NFL. Guys will say stuff, but it's more funny than serious and throw you off your game kind of thing. Obviously I won't repeat what some of the guys have said, but they definitely say things, but for the most part it's kind of like one big brotherhood that we're just beating each other up every Sunday."

Q: What is the key to being able to execute in a loud environment like Arrowhead Stadium?

Carr:"Yeah, it's nice to be able to play at a place like Seattle where I guess these two are the loudest stadiums in the NFL, so you have to be ready for it. It's something that you practice, like your silent cadences and different hand signals and different things like that just to make sure that we can execute at a high pace, high level. I thought that, especially in Seattle, I thought we did a good job in and out of the huddle. That's something that we have to do this week. We have to get back in and out of the huddle really good, really quick with a good tempo. We've got to play with a good tempo because the noise can be a factor, especially if you let it. For us, we've just got to do the best that we can in preparing for it."

Q: There is a certain amount of things that you check off as your 'firsts.' Is the first road win the one that's foremost in your mind?

Carr:"That's the next one. That's the next one because that's the opportunity that we have this week. Absolutely. I'm looking forward to this one. Obviously I know how physical they are, we played them, I know how I felt after that game and I know what to expect. A very physical defense, nothing but props to them. They're talented all over the place and before anything I want to make sure that we're praying for Eric Berry too. That's serious. That's real life and I want to make sure I extend that too. My wife and I, we'll definitely be praying for him because that's serious, that's real life. We wish him the best."

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