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Carr Ready for the World


Q: Last week against New England, you showed no hesitation at all in throwing it at Darrelle Revis. Was that how much confidence you have in your guys?**

Carr:"First of all, he's one of the best players I've ever played against. The guy is tight coverage all the time. At the same time, it's the NFL. You want to compete against the best. He's one of the best at what he does. In my head, it wasn't something that I was going to shy away from. I was going to know where he was at all times, because you have to, that's how good of a player he is. I knew where he was every single play. At the same time, I have to do what's best for the team and go through my reads. You can't really limit one side of the field. That limits us as an offense. So, it was just our wideouts making great plays. He was right there. It could have easily gone the other way. From a confidence standpoint, it's nothing like that. I just went into the game saying 'hey, I know where he's at, but I'm still going to compete my tail off and complete passes that way. It just happened to work out that way." 

Q: Were you conscious of the kind of success that you had facing him?

Carr:"Because he's such a great player, you know when you complete a pass to his side because he's a Hall of Fame player, in my opinion. He's awesome. When you turn the film on, that dude is great. Obviously you know you've completed one to his side, but it's not something you can… it's not a touchdown. It's not something you can get too excited about. You have to go on to the next one and get ready. He's the type of player that you can get excited, but then the next play he'll take one the other way. From the standpoint of knowing where he was and completing them, I knew what was going on but it wasn't something where I was thinking that I had done my job. My mind was working on the next play." 

Q: Do you feel that you're becoming more efficient and more comfortable game by game?

Carr:"Absolutely. Being a rookie, especially at quarterback, the game is a lot faster. It's not even close to college. Even when I played in the All Star game with the top players in the country, speed doesn't even compare. It's a lot faster. These guys have been doing this for eight, 10, 12, to Woodson's 28th year in the league. (laughing) They've been doing it awhile. They know what to do. They know how to hide things. The game is a lot faster. They can play faster. As the weeks have gone on, I feel more confident, more in control. As long as I'm getting better every week, as long as my coach tells me that I'm getting better, then I am doing the right things. Obviously, I want to do more, but I have to realize that I am a rookie and it's going to be a slow process. Week to week it has been getting better." 

Q: You've been working with Andre Holmes some. Where is your chemistry with him?

Carr:"I love throwing to Andre. Obviously you remember the deep ball I threw him. He's such a big target, I can miss wherever I want and it'll still look like a good ball and you guys will pat me on the back. He's just a fun guy to throw to because of how big he is. With how big he is, he can get in and out of his breaks like he's 5'11" which is rare. Usually with taller guys, it's hard for them to drop their hips and get out of breaks but he does it really well. Just the type of player he is is what makes me excited about him playing."

Q: They tried to make this week a normal week as far as the times of practice, but it's eight hours different and you're across the other side of the world. What's it been like to prepare for this game?

Carr:"It's crazy. I texted my wife this morning and she was still on Tuesday. I was texting her goodnight and she said good morning. It was weird. At the same time, the first day I got here, I tried to fight sleep as long as I could. I think I slept for like 11 hours that first day because I was trying to get caught up to this time zone. Obviously, still feeling it a little bit today. As the days have gone, it's gotten progressively better. The faster I can get into the right time zone, which is here, the better it will feel. I'm glad we came out as early as we did because it definitely makes a difference."

Q: How would you describe the camaraderie with your teammates and how have they taken to you as a leader?

Carr:"How they have taken me? Hopefully good. I will never talk for them. I don't know. From my standpoint, it's been going great. Just having fun with the guys, making jokes with them, being a leader when you need to be. All of those things. They could answer that a lot better than I could honestly. I am just trying to be myself. I'm not trying to be anything else or anybody different. I'm the same person talking to you right now that I am at home and on the football field. I may be a little more intense on the football field, or the pitch, right? Hopefully, in their eyes, it's going good. To me, it's been going good."

Q: Do you think you've had to compact those types of things because Matt Schaub was the number one guy in the offseason? Do you think you've had to take a more aggressive approach to that after you were named the starter?

Carr:"To be honest, at first you have to be kind of sensitive to those sorts of things, especially being the young guy. You don't want to be the young guy coming in here saying 'oh I'm taking it.' That's not my personality at all. I didn't want that to come across that way either. You have to be sensitive to that. I still think Matt Schaub is a leader on this football team. He is definitely someone that I look up to on this team. He's definitely someone who has helped me tremendously in my progression as a quarterback. Everyone can see that. I'll go to him and ask him questions all day. He's obviously been to Pro Bowls and done things that I want to do in my career. I'd still say he's a leader. At first, you have to be sensitive to those kinds of things. He was the starter for all that time. It is a weird thing. But, then there comes a point where we are going into football games and I'm in the huddle. It's kind of one of those deals that's like 'let's go.'"

Q: You talked about Revis and having to deal with him. Earlier you had JJ Watt and you did a solid job with him. Cameron Wake, another guy in that line of players that you have to know exactly where he is?

Carr:"Absolutely. Him, [Brent] Grimes, [Cortland] Finnegan, [Louis] Delmas, I can go on and on on their whole defense. They have so much talent. Cameron Wake is obviously a great player. You have to know… when you turn the film on, you're like 'oh my goodness, who is 91?' It's one of those guys. You've got to know where he's at at all times. Our coaches will put together a plan of however they want to attack their defense. We've done a great job of doing those things before so hopefully we can continue to do a great job of knowing where guys are and executing what we need to do."

Q: How much does this team need this first win?

Carr:"That's all I care about. I've told you guys that I'll throw five touchdowns or five picks, I could care less. I just want to win. That's all this game is about. That's all that matters in the NFL. I learned that quick. I learned that margin of winning is that close. As we saw last week, we score a touchdown, it gets taken away. We're going in there, who knows what could have happened after that. It's just that much. You learn how hard it is to win in this league and you learn how hard it is to get that first one. That's what I'm learning right now, how much it really takes to get one win, let alone 16, something that New England has done before. Hopefully we'll get it this week. I don't make any promises, I can tell you that. Hopefully we can get it this week, that's obviously the plan. We definitely need to get it and hit this bye week. 75 percent of our season is still out there. We're focused on this one and hopefully we get this one."

Q: Do you feel like last week that you should have won?

Carr:"I can't say that, just because you can't ever take anything from someone who does win something. I could never do that. I felt we were really close. I felt like we should have. I felt we put ourselves in a position, especially with a two minute drive at the end, to win or at least tie and go into overtime or go for two, whatever we would have done there. It's hard in that sense but I can't take anything away from them. They  beat us. They won the game."

Q: How much have you heard about Wembley?

Carr:"I have heard a lot about it. But, I'm not going to lie, I don't know anything. But I heard it's awesome. I'm really excited. I love football, right? I love watching soccer and I love seeing it on TV. That's all I've ever seen, so I'm excited to go out there and play."

Q: There's a big English football game, Arsenal versus Spurs. Can you give us a score prediction?

Carr:"Oh man. Since I know nothing about either, I will just say 2-1, and whoever we want to win. We'll say 2-1."

Q: The storylines have been about the social issues surrounding the NFL lately. How does it make you feel as a player?

Carr:"For me, it's not just an NFL deal. It's a worldwide deal. I was brought up a certain way. I'm going to teach my son the same things that I was taught. I don't stand for that stuff. That's just how I feel. But, it's not just an NFL thing. I do believe in forgiveness also. That's how I am. I love every single person out there. I love everyone in here. That's the kind of person I am. That's how I was brought up and that's how I'm going to raise my son. It's something that, as a society, we have to take a look at."

Q: Do you think the Commissioner has done a good job in his handling of the issues?

Carr:"Yeah, he's doing a great job. Thanks."

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