Carrie: "It's a Mental Game"

Q: This will be will your first time playing the Chiefs, so how excited are you to get a shot at a division rival, especially in their house now?

Carrie:"It's very exciting. The energy that we were able to create last game really was a tremendous feeling for the players on the field and just off the field. Looking at how well our players thrived out there and it brought a lot to us. Going into this game, I'm expecting the same energy and hopefully I can allow some energy to be fed off myself by my play."

Q: What do you see from Dwayne Bowe and what he does well?

Carrie:"I think he's a big, physical receiver, very talented. They find good ways for him to get the ball and they put him in good situations, so you always have to be keen on where he's at and knowing the down and distance and what formation he can be in to execute his route concepts."

Q: Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick are very different quarterbacks. Does that change the mindset for you guys at all going against a guy who likes to stay in the pocket a little bit more?

Carrie:"I would say a little bit in the stance that every quarterback brings something different to the table. Every week in and week out, coaches really do a good job of game planning versus the quarterback and their offensive concepts and game plans. The coaches have done a great job of that."

Q: How do you keep the momentum from a big win last week and carrying it into another big game this week against a division rival?

Carrie:"I think a big concept is just going into each game like we haven't done anything the last game. Just making sure that the last game is in the past and that this game moving forward is a new, clean slate so a lot of things can happen."

Q: We were talking to Jelly [Justin Ellis] about what he's improved on and what he needs to do. Do you feel like you've hit the rookie wall yet? How do you feel mentally?

Carrie:"Mentally, you kind of grow up and you live to play this. You definitely have the feeling of continuing to go on. Though the season can be long, I think the biggest thing that you have to understand is it's a mental game."

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