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Carrie: "It's going to take all 11 of us"


On if he's prepared for this week's game:**

Carrie:"Oh definitely. I think the biggest thing of my mind is just that we all come together as a whole, as a team. Each game I feel like we've all been getting better in every aspect of the game, and just making sure that when we go out there on Sunday that all of the pieces are together. That we're one like a chain, and we'll go out there and be successful."

Q: How have all the snaps that you've accounted for this season prepared you for this game in case Carlos [Rogers] might not be able to go and you'll have to line up on the outside or wherever it may be?

Carrie:"I would look at it more so from the stance that it's a good part on the coaches as far as the snaps that we all get as these rookies coming in. We've all been able to get a lot of [reps] during OTAs [Organized Team Activities] and camp and things like that. Being able to get those snaps and have that ability just shows how much depth we can have on both sides of the ball."

Q: I assume you'll be returning punts and kickoffs as well. In the stadium that Seattle has, are you prepared for that kind of atmosphere?

Carrie:"Well, you know, this is my first time going into that atmosphere. I'm always prepared for everything that they throw at me, and I think that our coaches do a good job of putting us all in circumstances that we'll possibly be in for the game. Just going out there and believing that we'll be able to execute is the only option at this point."

Q: Now that we're midway through the season, you have seven games under your belt plus the preseason; do you feel like you've hit a wall? How's your body feeling?

Carrie:"I would say that when you start playing the first game, even the preseason coming in, you're never going to be 100 percent in the sense that your body will never feel as great as it can possibly be, but it feels good. You'll always be able to get to a certain percentage where you'll be able to go into game time and be able to execute your responsibilities."

Q: You've seen the tape on Russell Wilson. Obviously he's a Super Bowl quarterback; is it harder playing man or zone coverage when you have a quarterback that can get out of the pocket and be a threat?

Carrie:"I think when you have a quarterback that dynamic, the hardest thing is that everybody on the defensive side, as far as all 11 players, not doing their job, can create some explosive plays. As a team, as a group, it's going to take all 11 of us in order to execute for this offense."

Q: They lost Percy Harvin, but it seems like they always have guys stepping up at the receiver position. What do you see on film from their weapons on the offensive side?

Carrie:"I think at this level of talent, there's talent on every-single team. No matter how many players you lose, there's always going to be talent behind that, so they're still a very talented team on both sides of the ball and you have to make sure that you go out there and execute."

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