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Carson Palmer Media Session

On Terrell Suggs and the Ravens: "It's amazing he's playing. I remember when it [injury] happened. I remember thinking, 'Alright, great. That sucks for Terrell, but he'll be out by the time we get out there to Baltimore.' Sure enough, he was playing two or three weeks ago against Houston. That's the type of guy he is. He's an extremely hard worker; he's going to come back early. Just when you doubt him he proves people wrong. I've played against him for 15 years now. He's a phenomenal football player, phenomenal against the pass and phenomenal against the run. There aren't many guys that are great at both like he is. I don't know if there is another one that's as good as he is at playing both. As far as playing against Baltimore, it's always an uphill battle. Their numbers aren't, statistically, where they normally are, and they've had some injuries. They're still 6-2, they're still very good at home. Their crowd is phenomenal. They make it a very hostile environment to come in and try to communicate and play. You have to play great, you can't play okay and go in there and win. You have to go in there and play great for four quarters and put together a complete game if you want to get out of there with a win. It's difficult to do there."

On playing against Baltimore without Ray Lewis: "I don't know. I've never played against them without him on the field, and I've played against them 15, 16, 17 times. So I'm not sure. They are prepared for the future with some good young players behind him when he does decide to retire. You're talking about a Hall of Fame, maybe one of the best, linebackers to ever play. Obviously, they're lacking without his leadership on the field. They've always drafted very well. There are very good players behind him. Like I said, you've got to go in there and play really well."

On if he felt tired after throwing 61 passes last week's game: "No, you don't, whether you throw 30 passes or 60 passes. I mean, you throw 150 before the game, and then another 50 during the game, just getting warmed up between series. In Wednesday and Thursday practices you throw a couple hundred balls. That's not an issue."

On whether he anticipates throwing more with two injured running backs: "Yeah, I mean you've got to adjust to what your health is of your team. It's a team that's had some yards rushing on them, especially in the last couple of weeks. You look back and look at some of the game film, like the Kansas City game and just a handful of games where teams were able to run the ball on them, which is very odd. I've never seen that before in my career. So, there are some things we want to take advantage of in the run game, but you can't be one-dimensional at the same time and just go in and throw it. We've got to figure out a way to get Darren [McFadden] back as quickly as possible and have a selective, or maybe limited, game plan for him or Marcel [Reece], or whoever's going to be back there."

On if Raiders success in last two minutes of the first half makes sense: "No, it doesn't [make sense]. I don't have an answer for you on that. When we're in two-minute mode, we've always felt, because we've played poorly in the first half, that we have to score on this drive. It's kind of go-big-or-go-home. You've got to score. We've done a good job of scoring, but we've got to continue to get better before that two-minute mark."

On Brandon Myers' contributions to the passing game: "He's just always in the right spot at the right time. He works extremely hard and understands the game. He's a very smart football player. He understands the offense, understands his role, and knows how to get himself open. He's extremely reliable in the run game, in the pass-protection game, setting up routes, and finishing a catch and getting into the end zone like he did last week. He's extremely reliable and has created some mismatches over the middle against linebackers."

On 20 of Myers' 39 catches occurring in the fourth quarter: "I have a ton of trust in Brandon. We throw the ball probably a lot more in the fourth quarter than we have in other quarters because we always come out and try to establish the run. He's a playmaker; he's a guy that makes plays. You know when the ball is in the air that he's either going to go up and get it or knock it down. He has done a good job of that."

On impressions of Raiders RB Taiwan Jones: "I feel like I've been waiting forever; I can't wait. He does amazing things in practice, and he's by far the fastest person on the field. He will be the fastest person on the field on Sunday. It's not that you want to see guys get banged up, but I'm excited about the opportunity he's getting. I feel like since I've been here I've been waiting for him to get his opportunity and just hasn't worked out and now here it is. He'll get his touches, and I can't wait. He's so electrifying. He puts his foot in the ground and goes. He wiggles out of hits, he wiggles out of tackles. I can't wait to throw him the ball and get him into the open field. He's so much fun to watch in practice. Like I said, it's been a long time coming."

On Marcel Reece's recent involvement: "Marcel, it's great to see him. He had some big catches, big plays in the game at pivotal moments in the game. That's just the type of guy he is. His number doesn't get called because of the position he plays. It would be easier if he was a little bit bigger and he could play tight end, or if he was a little bit smaller and could play receiver. He's kind of that 'tweener' guy and he's so hard to put at a spot where he can get more balls. Being a fullback, you're just not going to get that many opportunities. He makes the most of them, and makes play after play. He's going to have plenty of opportunities this week."

On reason behind miscommunication that lead to interceptions: "On the second one we were just on two different pages. It was bad communication on my part. The first one was just a good job by the defense making the play to get in the backfield. I should have just taken the sack and not tried to get rid of it. The third one was a bad play, period.

On if he'll ever blame the receivers: "No, when you're the quarterback you're the one with the ball in your hand. You've got to make the right decision and make sure you're on the right page with everybody."

On fixing the miscommunication: "We've spent a lot of time watching it on film; we've talked about it a lot. We've gone over everything. Bad things are going to happen. Games are won and lost on interceptions, fumbles, missed tackles, or whatever you want to call it. We're doing everything we can to make sure that it doesn't happen again. We've got a young group, and a hungry group, and guys that want to be in the right place at the right time, and want to make big plays for us. We'll continue to work and get better each week."

On the team's ability to fight back: "We've got a team that believes, that doesn't want to just quit. A lot of times you'll see that in the NFL, especially as the season goes on. You get up on a team and you can kind of sense that. We don't have any of that in this group. We've got a bunch of guys with big hearts that don't have any quit in them."

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