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Carson Palmer Media Session

On the mood of the team: "Hungry for a win, desperate for a win. We started off practice and it was howling winds and pouring rain. Considering the circumstances, had a good days work, good meetings. There is no slough off. There is no complacency. Guys are hungry. They want to get a win."

On having Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson back: "Great, just to see them in the huddle. It feels like it has been a lot longer than it actually has. It's just good to see them in the huddle, see them get reps, see Darren smiling and hitting the hole hard and same thing with Goody [Mike Goodson]. It's good for the team but also good for the offense to have those guys back."

On having different guys with different styles to carry the ball: "It gives you something to worry about defensively preparing for us. Marcel [Reece] has been in the back field to block when Darren has been in the games and now it gives us a little bit more unknown. You don't know exactly what is coming at you. Marcel can catch a ball out of the backfield. He can run it. Darren can block. Marcel can run it. It just gives us another kind of dimension. I think that's the right way to say it, 'earn' the right, because the way he's run. You don't expect a fullback to come in and be the starting tailback and be as good as he's been."

On struggles on the opening drive: "There's been a lot of reasons. It's been a number of things in each game, 10 different things in each game. It's something that we understand, we know. There's some urgency about us, we talk about it all the time. Last week we talked about it and didn't do it. This week we're going to continue to talk about it and we expect ourselves to go down the opening drive and score."

On how different the Browns are since he last saw them: "Personnel-wise, there's been some changes. Philosophy-wise they've gone to a 4-3; they were a 3-4 for a long time; new D-coordinator. Same aggressiveness, they've always been a salty group, a big, physical group that can rush the passer, but really can stop the run. They can push the line of scrimmage. A lot has changed personnel-wise and look-wise, but they always seem to be a big, physical group that can still rush the passer. There are a lot of teams that you play that are really big and physical and they're there to stop the run and push a pocket. They have two guys on the edge that can rush the passer. They're just a good, physical group up front."

On if being inactive has affected Terrelle Pryor's mindset: "There's been zero drop-off. He's in a tough spot, being the third string where you don't get a chance to dress. He studies his butt off and continues to work and gets as many reps as he can during practice. He's completely into it."

On Juron Criner: "He's gotten more reps the last handful of weeks, made some good plays, made a really nice catch last week. Being a rookie and being a third or fourth round pick, there aren't a whole lot of expectations. But he wants to play every play. He wants the ball thrown to him every time. That type of attitude is what makes guys like him, who don't get a ton of reps, end up being great players. I think he can be a great player. He just needs to continue to work and continue to get more reps."

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