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Chargers HC McCoy Talks to Bay Area Media


Q: As you guys walked off the field after the Miami game, do you think the prevailing thought was, "Man, I wish we could play next week to get this bad taste out of our mouths," or was it, "This is a real good time for a break,"?

Coach McCoy:"I think everyone, you'd always look at that and you look and thank God, you wish you were playing this week. Then there's the other side of it to say, 'Hey, with the way we are, take a deep breath. Evaluate what we're doing.' So it's a combination of both, but you wish you go out and play that next Sunday and go play, because whenever you lose a game in this league regardless of whether it's one point or 10 points – it doesn't matter – you have a bad taste in your mouth and you can't wait for the next game to come up. But then again, with where we were at that point in time in the season, it was good to get a break for the players and do some things."

Q: Did you get real healthy in the time off?

Coach McCoy:"We're just continuing to rehab. The guys that have been out for a while, they're taking it one day at a time. We're going to play the healthiest 46 on Sunday."

Q: Considering the amount of parity in the league and the way the Raiders played you the last time you saw them, does what you see on film jive with the record that you see?

Coach McCoy:"This is a good football team. You watch their film, there's plenty of good things that they do. As the battle we had with them the last time we were there in Oakland, obviously we know exactly what this team is all about. This is a good team. You've got to go in like you do every week in this league regardless of what the team's record [is], you've got to go out and play your best game. The parity in the league's very good and they've got a lot of talent on the football team. They're well coached and we've got to go out and do our best job and play our best game this week in order to win."

Q: Were there any common threads from the three losses you had before the bye, or does the Miami game stand apart from the other two?

Coach McCoy:"I think any loss, it doesn't matter how many points you lose by, there's plenty of things that you look at every game. You look at the same plusses and minuses and obviously, there's a lot more minuses against Miami than what we had the other two games, but there's still – hey, it's all about winning. It doesn't matter how many you win by or how many you lose by, they all count the same. You evaluate every game week-in and week-out and you try to improve your football team. So we put that one behind them and we've got a good team coming in here. We've got to play our best game in order to win."

Q: Do you any recollections of playing for Willie Brown at Long Beach State?

Coach McCoy:"Yeah, a great man. It's always great to play the Raiders every year, not only playing our division rival or even when I was in Carolina. To be able to see Coach Brown – and what he did – we had a great time together there for the short amount of time we were together at Long Beach State. He did a great job as a head coach and it's always great to run into him and talk to him and talk about the good old days, always knowing one of the greatest Raiders of all time and what he's done for the game. The NFL is what it is today because of guys like Coach Brown. So a great man and we had a lot of fun together, so it's always nice to see him."

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