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Chiefs HC Andy Reid: "Big, fast front seven, they get to the quarterback one way or another"


Q: What's been the key to your team's turnaround in recent weeks?

Coach Reid:"I think we're probably executing better than what we were before. That's probably biggest thing. I didn't think we were doing very good in that area. We still have a lot of room to work on, improve on. That's probably where it started."

Q: What has Jeremy Maclin brought to the team?

Coach Reid:"Jeremy [Maclin], he has a competitive personality, so he brings that. He's a good football player. He can do a lot of things for you. He's good that way. He's good on and off the field. Good person, hard worker, all those things. All the intangible things, he has."

Q: How much does that help Alex Smith having a receiver like him?

Coach Reid:"I think it does. I would probably compare it to what [Michael] Crabtree has done with your quarterback. It's the same type of thing. It's someone he can trust and has seen quite a few snaps on the football field."

Q: Have you talked to Alex about his streak without throwing an interception? Or is it something he does on his own?

Coach Reid:"I'm sure every coach talks about turnovers. That's how it is. Turnovers aren't a good thing in this league and they can hurt you. I would tell you Alex has always been pretty good with that. When he was at San Francisco, he was good with it. He came here, he's been good with it. He's a smart guy. He understands that turnovers can hurt you."


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Q: Is it a last second thing where before he throws the ball do you think he thinks, maybe this is not a great pass? How tough is it to not throw interceptions in this league **

Coach Reid:"I don't think you think about it probably other than… I think it comes more down to you're not thinking about the interception, you're thinking about that completion. Then the time that he spends working on execution and studying tape and doing those things I think adds up into limited turnovers."

Q: What have you seen out of Seth Roberts and what kind of dimension does he give the Raiders as a third option weapon?

Coach Reid:"He's a good player. I would say [Derek] Carr trusts him. He's put a couple of those in tight windows for him. The weapons you can have out there, the defense has to cover it. It's a plus. To have him out there doing what he's doing, it's a good thing for them."

Q: Does anything jump out on film when you watch Derek Carr on film this year compared to last year?

Coach Reid:"He's in his second year now. He was poised last year for a rookie and he's even more poised now. He gets the ball out fast. I think the Raiders are very fortunate to have him. He's a good football player. [General Manager] Reggie [McKenzie] did a good job there."

Q: What jumps out at you when you look at the Raiders defense?

Coach Reid:"Big, fast front seven. They get to the quarterback one way or another. That's what they've done in the past games here. We understand that. That's a great challenge for us to block them. They're good football players."

Q: How does Khalil Mack compare with the other edge rushers you've faced?

Coach Reid:"He's a heck of a football player. He would probably get a unanimous vote from every coach in the National Football League. And he has Jack Del Rio and Ken Norton, Jr. there, so they know how to coach those kind of guys and he likes playing."

Q: Have you been surprised at all with how much your running backs have stepped up with Jamaal Charles out? Coach Reid:"They've done a good job. Young guys, so you're not quite sure. You think you know, but you're not sure until they get in there. They've done a good job. But every week is a new week. They've never done this, so every week is a new week. But I've been proud of them for what they've done to this point."

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