Clelin Ferrell hosts reddit AMA, talks sack celebration, Raiders you need to know 

Clelin Ferrell recently hosted a reddit AMA; take a look at all the questions he answered.

From Streebs33: Hey Clelin- can you talk us through your draft day experience? Had the Raiders given you any indication that you'd be our pick at #4? Must've been an overwhelmingly amazing experience and would love to hear more.

Clelin Ferrell: I had some indication. When I came on my visit here, Coach Gruden was telling me, 'Hey, man, you're our guy at four.' But guys say that to anybody that comes on a visit. So I wasn't really believing it.

But when he called me, he was like, 'I told ya! I told ya!' I was like, well you weren't lying! [laughs]

So I had a little bit of a hunch, but I wasn't too sold on it yet.

From Themostdetermined: Where does the fishing celebration come from? I think it's dope.

CF: That just comes from growing up. I always fished with my Pops. We had this river called the James River back in my hometown, and I never had a fishing rod. I always used his.

But I remember my first fishing rod. He went and bought me a Captain America fishing rod. And from that moment on, I was hooked on fishing. And my family fishes, so that's always been a big thing.

Bweesh: Hey, Clelin, thanks for taking the time to do this. We have a lot of good young guys on the team. Can you think of someone who's flying under the radar? You've been hot the past few weeks. Keep it up, man!!

CF: Offense or defense? I'll give you both.

I still don't feel like Trent Brown gets the respect that he deserves around this whole league. I feel like the players that play against him know the type of player he is, but I feel like the masses, the people, the fans don't really know how good of a player he really is.

For the defense I would say Erik Harris. Obviously he had that big game, but still people don't really know how committed, how much of a smart player he really is.

From RedditUser: What's the best thing about being a Raider?

CF: I would say the chance to leave your own legacy here. There is so many great memories this organization has had, and I don't want to say that I'm happy we've had down years in the past, but it's always special when you can come in and have the opportunity to start something and see it grow from the ground up. You know what I mean?

We were at rock bottom at one point, but to see us working toward something and getting back and trying to raise the bar from even the top level of success we've had before is really, really special.

From Runningdownhill: Knowing you will live in Las Vegas next year and play in a new stadium, what will you miss most about the Bay and the Coliseum?

CF: I'll definitely miss Oakland, mainly just because the history here. I'm really big on that.

During the draft process, a lot of people asked me, 'What type of team would you like to play for?' And I always said, 'A team with a lot of rich tradition,' because I love that. It's truly special here, the relationship the fans have with this team.

And Oakland reminds me a lot of where I'm from, back home in Richmond. I won't miss the gas prices. [laughs] But other than that, California has been really, really good. I like Oakland; I like Napa; I like going down to San Francisco. And the people here are just different from the East Coast. People are a lot nicer here, a lot more open. I like it out here to be honest with you, man.

From Not_beniot: How many calories were you eating per day to put in that kind of weight so fast?

CF: Really everything. I caught a bug in London, and the most important thing that I ate was the medicine I took when I got back. That was the best thing that I ate. You know what I mean?

Because that stopped me from throwing up any food that I would try to eat. But the biggest thing was solid foods, whole foods. No fast food. Home-cooked meals.

From RedditUser: Who would you most like to sack?

CF: I mean, obviously Tom Brady for sure.

Deshaun Watson. [smiles] I was mad [I couldn't get that one.] Those are the main two.

From Fuentesf51: What are the different challenges you face between playing inside and outside?

CF: I would say playing inside you have a better chance to affect the quarterback, but playing outside, you have a better chance to sack them. Meaning, if you're playing inside, you have a lot more chances to get your hand in his face, bat balls down, get him to flush out of the pocket, etc. But to actually get there, it's a lot harder. That's why people have a lot of respect for guys like Aaron Donald, people who get 20 sacks playing inside, you know what I mean?

Everything happens a lot faster inside. You're not just rushing against the guard. You've got potentially the center, potentially the tackle coming down on you. Shoot, the back releases up inside a lot of times and will chip the D-tackle while he's getting out into his route.

There's a lot of different things you've gotta be able to react to when you're inside as far as when you're outside.

From Sturgeonn: CLE! Love you man, so stoked you're a Raider. You're stuck on an island. You can only bring one book, one album, and one movie with you. What do you bring?

CF: Hmm. I don't know if I could read a book over and over and over again. It would have to be a magazine with pictures, something to remind me of, like, what life was like. It would have to be a Discovery Channel magazine or National Geographic.

Album, I'd need something original. I'd probably say Biggie, "Ready to Die."

One movie? It'd probably be Step Brothers. I need something to make me laugh out there.

From RedditUser: Clelin! What is your favorite sandwich?

CF: I'd say a fried bologna sandwich with some mayonnaise and tomatoes on it. White bread. A little bit toasted.

From Icantevenread24: If every 30 seconds, 10 kindergartners come out and your job is to take down as many as you can before being overtaken, how many do you think you can take?

CF: Kindergartners, bro? it would be over. [laughs] Trust me, it would be over.

I got 13 nieces and nephews. It would be over; they wouldn't touch me. I don't play with people's kids. [laughs] You mean if it was like a real-life game, and there's really no rules? It really would be no rules. They signed up for it. I really don't have no remorse. [laughs]