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Coach Allen Friday

On Denarius Moore's progress: "He looked better out there today."

On what Moore can do: "He practiced today. He was limited; he didn't take as many reps as he might normally take, but that's what limited means. He went out and practiced."

On if Stefen Wisniewski will start: "I don't know. We'll wait to make that decision."

On Alex Parsons filling in: "Listen, they're all NFL players so we expect, no matter who is in the game, we have a certain level of expectation for those guys. They have to go out and perform. We don't really think of it that way."

On having a rookie (Miles Burris) in a starting role: "We know who we've got and we're going to design our schemes to give our guys the best chance to be successful. Whatever that entails, whatever that means, that's what we're going to do."

On the tone of the team: "You can definitely tell it's game week. It's regular season mode. It's a division game against a real quality opponent so you can sense everybody's focus."

On San Diego's rookie left tackle: "He looks like a good player to me. Like I said yesterday, these players, they come from all over the place and a good player is a good player and it doesn't matter where they were drafted or whether they were a free agent or not. When I look at the tape, I see a guy that's got talent, he's got athleticism, and so he's a good match up."

On San Diego's defense: "They're an aggressive defense. I think they rely a lot on their outside rushers. They get after the quarterback from an outside rusher's standpoint. We'll see as the game goes on exactly what their plan of attack is. Obviously, John Pagano is a first-year coordinator, so they'll have some unscouted looks and some different stuff for us that we'll have to get adjusted to."

On Philip Rivers: "I think he's still a very good quarterback. When you look at throwing interceptions, you can't always put everything on the quarterback. It's a team game. I think way too many times the quarterback gets way too much credit when things go good and way too much blame when things go bad. He's a guy that can throw the football. He can make all the throws in the book and he's perfectly capable of coming out and being explosive against you if you don't understand how they're trying to attack you and you don't have ways to affect him."

On Juron Criner: "He was out here limited in practice today. My expectation is that he'll be ready to go Monday night."

On Jacoby Ford: "No, it's not a done deal. We're going to hold out and wait until we get closer to game time to go ahead and make that decision, but he's continued to get better. We'll see where we're at come game time."

On if Parsons got first-team reps today: "He got most of the first-team reps, yes."

On if Parsons got first-team reps yesterday: "Yeah, he got most of them yesterday."

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