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Coach Allen Friday

On if Darrius Heyward-Bey is making progress: "Yeah, he was out here today watching practice. He's made a lot of progress. Obviously, he's doubtful this week and we'll continue to see where he's at. But he is making progress."

On if they would use the bye week to let him recover: "The bye week really isn't the determining factor. The biggest determining factor is we want to make sure that he's fully recovered and ready to go before we put him out on the field. That's really for the doctors to determine when he passes all the NFL protocol for concussions."

On if DHB's passed everything up to this point: "No."

On Brandon Myers: "Brandon Myers has passed and he's questionable for the game, but he's in good shape."

On if Myers is cleared for contact: "Yes."

On the Broncos offense: "They've got really two different forms of offense. They've got an offense where they huddle up and call the plays from the sideline with your normal checks and adjustments based off the defensive structure. And then they have their no-huddle offense which Peyton [Manning] has run in Indianapolis. That's what he's run in this league for the majority of his career. He operates that exceptionally well. They do a nice job of getting into good plays and trying to run when you're in a shell defense and trying to throw the ball when you get an extra guy down in the box. Our deal is to try to do whatever we can to hopefully confuse Peyton as much as we can. He's seen a lot of looks so that's hard to do, but try to do that as much as we can. Then match up as far as speed and intensity."

On Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker: "They've continued to develop. I think they're both good players. They've got a lot of good players on their team so it'll be a challenge this week, but we're looking forward to it."

On Darren McFadden's success against Denver: "You look under every stone you can to find where you might be able to gain an advantage, so yeah, there's certain things we look at to see from a personnel standpoint if we can get some sort of match up we're looking for. I'm hoping that he continues the good trend against Denver."

On Coach Allen's philosophy for stopping McFadden when he coached in Denver: "I tried to get as many hats around him as you can. We didn't sleep a lot that week."

On Von Miller: "The thing that makes Von [Miller] so effective is he's not just a one-trick pony when it comes to rushing the passer. He's got a lot of different moves. He's got speed off the edge. He's got the ability to counter. He's got excellent power. He's got a full arsenal when it comes to pass rush, that's what's made him effective and obviously, for either one of our tackles that he gets matched up on, they've got a challenge. It's just understanding what he's going to do in different situations and trying to prepare for it and then trying to outwork him."

On if they move Miller around: "Yeah, they've moved him around to both sides. He can play either side."

On Elvis Dumervil: "He can play either side, so you don't know exactly where they're going to be."

On if Coach Allen ever lined Miller and Dumervil up on the same side: "Yeah, I don't know what their game plan is because I'm not in those game planning meetings, but we have to be prepared for anything they could do."

On if Andre Carter will play Sunday: "We'll wait and see on Sunday."

On Carter today: "He got more reps today and every day that he practices and every day he's out here with us, he's one step closer to being on the field."

On Rod Streater's neck: "He had the eye and he kind of got banged there in practice today and tweaked his neck a little bit. We'll see where he's at tomorrow."

On the wide receiver position: "We don't really want to afford anything at any position, but yeah, we'll see where he's at in the morning."

On having Marcel Reece and David Ausberry: "I think having versatile players that give you the ability to do different things is obviously always a good luxury to have. We feel confident in the players we have here and we feel like when we do sustain injuries that we've got enough talent here that we can move people around to give ourselves a chance."

On if Huff is starting: "Yeah."

On confidence in Huff at corner: "Listen, it's just like everything else. Get some work and feels good about it and every day you get a chance to get out there and work, you get better."

On the secondary: "Yeah, those guys are getting a chance to work together and, like I said, when you go out there and play, we played against a good team last week, and we were able to win and we learned from those things. So our hope is that this week will be a little bit better."

On Desmond Bryant: "He's done a good job so far and if he continues to be productive as he has been, you'll see more and more of him."

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