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Coach Allen Friday

On Rolando McClain decision: "All I'll say is that I met with Rolando this morning, informed him I decided to suspend him for two games, conduct detrimental to the team, and that's really all the details I have for you."

On factors that played into his decision: "I'm not going to get into any of the specifics of anything that happened that went into the decision. That's team related matters and we're going to keep that within the family."

On if decision was discussed with GM Reggie McKenzie: "Yeah, I discussed it with Reggie, but at the end of the day, this was my decision to make."

On Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson: "Both of them are questionable for the game. Both of them will be game-time decisions. Are they 100 percent? No, but we'll know more Sunday. But they'll be game-time decisions, both those guys."

On weather as a factor: "If it's like it was today, it's going to be a factor. Obviously, the wind wasn't as bad today, but obviously the rain is certainly the factor. I know the forecast calls for it to rain pretty heavily in the morning and let up by game time, so we'll see. But if it's like it was today, it'll obviously be a factor."

On if Marcel Reece will start: "We'll see where Darren is, but Marcel will definitely get his touches at the tailback position."

On Carson Palmer throwing in the rain: "He looked fine today."

On Palmer's injury: "Not an issue. Came into today, felt fine, looked fine, took all the reps today. He's good to go."

On if Terrelle Pryor will suit up: "Our anticipation is that we would suit him up as the 3rd quarterback this week."

On if Pryor decision has anything to do with Palmer's thumb injury: "It's got as much to do with our potentially injury situations, but he's one of those guys that we at least want to get him up, get him suited up. He needs to get what it feels like to suit up on game day and we'll see if we play him in the game."

On if Pryor can run a bulk of the offense: "If he plays, we'd have the plays that he's going to run. It's our offense if he plays in the game. But I think we're getting ahead of ourselves right there."

On McClain's roster spot: "I don't anticipate doing anything before this game and then we'll look at that next week with the short week."

On the weather affecting Sebastian Janikowski: "I think it affects everything. It's going to affect how you call the game offensively. It's going to affect how you call the game defensively. It's going to affect the decisions you make in the kicking game. When it rains like it does today, and as I look at the forecast, if the wind is what they anticipate it being, that'll be a factor in the game for sure."

On Cleveland's Josh Cribbs: "He's still obviously a big factor for them special teams-wise. He's still an excellent returner. I think when you look at where their offense is going and how their offense is running, it runs through their running back Trent Richardson. He's the primary focus of their offense. He's what sets up everything they do in the passing game, so from that standpoint, I think it's changed a little bit. Certainly, from a special teams standpoint, Josh Cribbs is still an outstanding returner."

On Trent Richardson: "Number one, he's a workhorse type of guy. They continue to give him the ball. He's strong, he's powerful, but yet he's still got that burst and explosion. He's hard to tackle. He's hard to tackle and generally it's going to take more than one guy to get him down."

On if Reece is suited for this game: "Yeah, he's obviously shown over the last couple of weeks that he can carry the load and run the football. I don't know that this game would be any different as far as that's concerned."

On Reece in the weather conditions: "He'll do fine when we turn around and hand the ball to him."

On McFadden returning: "I would expect that when Darren plays that we would get positive results."

On what the biggest issues have been in zone-blocking: "It's the things that we've been talking about all along. We've looked at some of the scheme things. We've looked at him running the ball. We've looked at some of the things we've done up front blocking. At the end of the day, it's a lot about the execution and everybody being on the same page."

On the team's veteran leadership: "I think it's has to continue to grow and that's part of what we're doing here. We're growing that as we move forward."

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