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Coach Allen: "It's certainly disappointing"


On the game:*

Coach Allen: "Just to start it off, I'll give you the injuries – Kaluka [Maiava] had a hamstring, Khalif Barnes had a quad tendon, Derek Carr's got an ankle/knee, those are the injuries for the game. Obviously, we did not play well. Turned the ball over, we did not stop them on defense and we gave up too many explosive plays. We've got the bye week coming up. We've got a lot of things we've got to look at and a lot of self-evaluation we've got to go through to get this thing turned around."

On Carr's injury:

Coach Allen:"No, I know the X-rays on his ankle were negative, but that's the extent of what I know."

On disappointing game:

Coach Allen:"It's certainly disappointing. Again, I thought we had a good week of work, but we did not play that well. We did not play that way today. We obviously got some work we've got to get done over the course of the bye week."

On confidence in keeping his job:

Coach Allen:"Yeah, that's not my concern right now."

On what changed after success of first drive:

Coach Allen:"Obviously we had a 3-and-out there, which kind of got them a little bit of momentum. Then we began to have to chase some points a little bit. Got a little bit out of rhythm of what we were trying to do. I thought they did a nice job defensively of getting some pressure on the quarterback. We just didn't execute as well as we needed to after that first drive."

On if players have lost faith in the process:

Coach Allen:"No, I don't think so. I think we have to continue to keep working and again, we have a lot of things we have to look at this bye week and see what we can do to get better."

On why it was a good week against Patriots and bad week against Miami with similar tempos:

Coach Allen:"Yeah, it wasn't really the tempo. The tempo wasn't the issue. I think losing Kaluka hurt us, not having him in there because we had a few run-fit issues on some of the things they were doing. We didn't fit up exactly how we were supposed to. They do a good job offensively schematically of trying to spread you out and make you have to make tackles in space. We didn't do well enough at that today."

On what went wrong:

Coach Allen:"We'll look at all the issues and see what things went wrong. We obviously didn't keep the momentum we had early in the game and defensively we didn't do a good enough job of stopping them."

On being deflated after picking up momentum in New England:

Coach Allen:"Certainly going to be disappointed. Certainly going to be frustrated. We obviously thought we'd pay better than we did today and we didn't."

On if he'll make drastic changes:

Coach Allen:"We're going to look at the things we have to do during the bye week. We've got a long flight going back and we've got a week off to evaluate everything we're doing and see what we need to do moving forward to get better."

On Menelik Watson:

Coach Allen:"I'll have to go back and look at the tape and see exactly how he did. Off first hand, he was okay."

On Dolphins three receivers matched up with two defenders:

Coach Allen: "We were misaligned on a couple of those."

On lack of progress:

Coach Allen:"Obviously it didn't work in this game. We didn't perform well in this game."

On 3rd-and-1 momentum play with Jamize Olawale:

Coach Allen:"I don't think we blocked him good enough up front. Without looking at the tape, I'd have to look at it. I'm not sure exactly where the breakdown occurred. But that's an area that we've got to improve in because we haven't been good enough on 3rd-and-short."

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