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Coach Allen's Friday Final Thoughts


Raiders Head Coach Dennis Allen: **"Okay guys, I'll give you the injury report. Tyvon Branch didn't practice. He's out. [Juron] Criner didn't practice. He's out. DJ Hayden did not practice. He's out. Darren McFadden did not practice. He's out. Kaluka [Maiava] limited in practice. He'll be questionable for the game. Matt McCants was limited today. He's questionable for the game. Tony Pashos had an illness. He didn't practice today. He's probable for the game. Terrelle Pryor was limited. He's questionable for the game, and 'Seabass' [Sebastian Janikowski] was limited. He's probable for the game."

Q: Is Pryor not going on Sunday?

Coach Allen:"Well he's questionable for the game. I'm going to look at him tomorrow and see. Obviously he wasn't as good today as he was the day before. I'll see how he's feeling tomorrow, and we'll make a decision."

Q: It looked like he wasn't as fast out there today …

Coach Allen:"Yeah, he wasn't as good today as he was yesterday, but you never know. We'll take a look at him, and we're still preparing him to play."

Q: So you're not looking for a competitive advantage by not naming a starter for Sunday? You're really going to wait one more day and check on him?

Coach Allen:"Yeah."

Q: Is it because of what happened last week with him?

Coach Allen:"I just go with what I see, and he may come in tomorrow and feel great and be ready to go. We'll see."

Q: Do you notice any difference in Matt McGloin going into a week where he might start as opposed to any other week?

Coach Allen:"Not really. He's pretty much the same guy. He's always prepared himself to be ready to go if his number's ever been called. Obviously he's taken most of the reps up to this point on the show team, but he's done a great job. He just was a little bit of that 'it' factor about playing the quarterback position. He's got a lot of confidence in himself, and we've got a lot of confidence in him."

Q: Did he take all of the first-team reps today?

Coach Allen:"Yeah."

Q: How has Matt McGloin's college experiences playing at Penn State prepared him for this level?

Coach Allen:"Well certainly they faced some challenges his senior year there and some adversity that they had to push throw and overcome as a football team. I think that's probably helped him as far as his leadership ability and understanding how to overcome adversity and lead a group of men to overcome adversity. Obviously the experience of playing at a place like Penn State at that level of football has helped him to prepare to be ready for the opportunity, if he gets that chance. He's a kid with good character, both football character and off-field character, and I think he's prepared if he's called on to go."

Q: Big crowds and hostile environments don't seem too big for him...

Coach Allen:"Yeah, he's never given me any indication that that's going to be any sort of problem for him. Like I said, he's a confident kid. He believes in his ability, and he believes in his leadership qualities and the fact that he can do the job." Q: Cool under fire has been a trademark of his even back in college. Is that something that you've observed?

Coach Allen:"Absolutely. Listen, when he first got here he was just a camp arm, and he's just gone about his business on a day-in and day-out basis and never has really let anything affect him. Early on he wasn't getting a whole lot of reps, and he just kept working his way up."

Q: Does he seem to play with a chip on his shoulder?

Coach Allen:"Well you'd probably have to ask him that, but you definitely can tell that he's got the confidence that he can play."

Q: Going into this season, it looked like Matt Flynn was going to be the starter. With McGloin, are you going back to the offense that you would have had if Flynn were still the quarterback?

Coach Allen:"Well obviously with Matt in there we're probably not running as many read-option plays and that type of stuff, but the basis of the offense and what we did isn't a whole lot different."

Q: Is there any chance of Jared Veldheer playing this week?

Coach Allen:"No, that would be highly doubtful."

Q: Will Tyler Wilson be promoted?

Coach Allen:"If Terrelle is not able to go, yes."

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