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Coach Allen Saturday


Head Coach Dennis Allen: **All right guys, I'll just give you the injury report and answer any questions you may have. David Ausberry didn't participate today. He's out for the game. Tyvon Branch did not participate, he's out for the game. Lucas Nix, again, was limited; he'll be questionable for the game. Menelik Watson didn't participate; he'll be out for the game.

If Nix is healthy, will he start?

Coach Allen: We'll go with (Andre) Gurode. We'll continue to monitor where Lucas is, but we'll go with Gurode. Is this just a health issue, or has there been an issue with performance?

Coach Allen: No, it's based off his health and the fact that he was limited in practice all week.

Do you think Nix will be active for the game?

Coach Allen: Well, he's questionable. We'll see. Again, we've still got some time to see how he's doing. I think we'll monitor that all the way up until game time.

How do you think you guys operate out of the nickel package so far?

Coach Allen: I don't think it really is a matter or whether you're in nickel or whether you're in base defense, or whatever. They're going to be an up-tempo offense no matter what they do. Our ability to communicate, our ability to make sure everybody understands what they're supposed to do and get that communicated effectively will be critical to win this football game. I thought last week, our guys did a good job of being able to communicate against an up-tempo offense last week. We get another opportunity this week.

Is Marquette King going to hold?

Coach Allen: Yes.

What have you thought about his punting?

Coach Allen: There hasn't been a lot. It's hard to really get a fair evaluation of how he's punting the football, but I have all the confidence in the world that when he's called upon to do his job, he'll go out there and do a good job for us.

In, 1998 you were at Texas A&M at a time when Woodson and Peyton manning were finalists for the Heisman Trophy and being drafted. It is amazing to think that these two guys are still playing?

Coach Allen: I think it's a tribute to the way these guys have been pros, both of them. Both of them are the consummate pro. They understand how to take care of their bodies. They understand the things they have to do to have success in this league. It's not shocking that both of them have played a long time and both of them have played at an extremely high level. It'll be fun to watch those two guys go up against each other on Monday night.

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