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Coach Allen Saturday

On the night practice: "Yeah, it was good. Gave us a chance to feel what it will look like on Monday night, so I think everybody got something out of it."

On Jacoby Ford's progress: "No, he hasn't been on the field yet. We're at a little bit of a standstill with him right now. We're going to keep evaluating him and see where he's at, but he's obviously out this week."

On potential for surgery for Ford: "I don't know that."

On Derek Hagan: "He's come in and done a nice job and picked up what we're doing offensively, so we feel good about where he's at."

On if Hagan's plays will be limited Monday night: "No, I feel pretty comfortable. I mean, he's an intelligent guy. He's a pro. It's not his first rodeo. He's been in the league so we don't feel like we need to limit anything for him."

On Hagan's progress picking up the plays: "When you watch practice, we're not having to do a whole lot of correcting, so that's a good thing. He's picked up on the offense and has a pretty good feel for what we're doing and the terminology. Like I said, he's a pro. He's done this before, so we plan on him going in and being a productive player for us."

On if Denarius Moore will play: "I haven't made that decision on him; he's questionable for the game. He was out there again practicing today so all those things are good signs."

On if Stefen Wisniewski will start: "I don't know that. He will be up for the game."

On if new players can contribute this week: "Yeah, they can contribute. With all these guys, obviously, they're not going to be as far along as some of the guys that maybe were with us all throughout OTAs and training camp, but again the volume of what we're doing for one game plan is not the same as what it was for all of OTAs and training camp. I feel like they've picked up on what we're doing. Obviously, we're going to be counting on some of these guys to go in and be productive players for us on Monday night. That's part of what we do in the NFL and that's part of what their job is."

On what Coach Allen likes to do 24-48 hours before kickoff: "I spend a lot of time thinking about the game and trying to play the game out in my mind and play out different situations that could occur in the game. Try to relax a little bit, but yet constantly think about how we're going to play in the game and how we're going to react in different situations."

On if he has worked out all the kinks: "Listen, it's a learning process for all of us and I think every time you get a chance to go through a certain experience, you gain from it. Do I feel like I've got all the answers? Absolutely not. Do I feel like I'm ready for the challenge? Yeah, and I feel like our team is ready for the challenge."

On who will return kicks and punts: "Phillip Adams will return punts and number 22, Taiwan Jones, he'll be returning kickoffs for us."

On whether Wisniewski or Alex Parsons will start: "No, we haven't made that decision yet. I'll talk to the offensive staff again tonight and we'll do what we feel like is best for this team."

On if practice at made the season feel more real: "Yeah, it was a good feeling. I think we're all excited about starting a new season and this is why we do this, to play the games. We're getting an opportunity to start it on Monday night."

On if there was anything different about practice besides location and time: "No, all we did was change the times, but everything else is pretty status quo for what we do and how we're going to do it throughout the remainder of the season."

On the benefits of tonight's practice: "You get a chance to get out and get on the dirt. You get a chance to get under the lights again. You get a little more familiar with the surroundings and I think the more familiar we are with the surroundings and playing in that environment, the better we're going to be."

On if they have to game plan differently because of the infield dirt and if he's dealt with it in the past: "No, not for a home game. We've come and played the Raiders before in a preseason game. But yeah, I think you have to take that into account. It's no different than they talk about it in baseball understanding how the ball is going to carom off the walls. It's the same thing out there on the dirt and we know that we're going to have to play on it and not everybody plays on it so we want to try to use it to our advantage."

On the AFC West rivalry: "No, it's pretty special. The rivalries that are here in the AFC West, they've been around a long time. This is a division that's gone virtually unchanged for a long time. There's a lot of passion in this division and a lot of great rivalries and a lot of good football teams."

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