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Coach Allen Thursday

Opening Statement:I'll update the injuries. Tyvon Branch did not practice today, Jason Hunter did not practice, Sio Moore was still limited, Lucas Nix was limited again, Jamize Olawale was full, Tracy Porter was limited, Terrelle Pryor was limited today in practice and Menelik Watson did not practice today. That's the injury report. We had a good practice today, and we're excited about getting out and playing the Redskins and glad to see we have a sellout at home and excited about playing in front of our home crowd.

Q: Terrelle Pryor passed the test yesterday, the second test?

Coach Allen:Well there's still some hurdles that he has to clear, but he was cleared to go ahead and non-contact practice. He was able to get in there and practice some on a limited basis today.

Q: Will you not know until Sunday or will you know earlier about Terrelle?

Coach Allen:My hope is that we're going to learn sooner rather than later, but it's really a process of when he passes all the tests and the doctors clear him for full participation, that's when we'll know whether or not he can play in the game or not.

Q: Is Pryor now at the same point in his recovery as Tracy Porter?

Coach Allen:He was limited. Those guys are probably one step further ahead in the process; I didn't know it was a race. (laughter)

Q: So if he is cleared for contact though tomorrow, he will probably start on Sunday?

Coach Allen:Well, we'll see. I don't want to speculate on where we're at. I have to see when he gets cleared for contact and when he's able to fully participate in practice.

Q: What are some of the things he has to do, just throw the ball around, jog up and down the field?

Coach Allen:He got some reps.

Q: Without a helmet?

Coach Allen:With a helmet.

Q: So he put one on later?

Coach Allen:Yeah.

Q: To get the running game going this week, what do you need to do?

Coach Allen:We have to block. We have to create some running seams and give our backs an opportunity to run the football. We'll have a plan to do some different things to hopefully create some running seams for the backs, but really it comes down to winning the line of scrimmage, and if we win the line of scrimmage, we'll be able to run the ball effectively. If we're not, the, it's hard to run when you don't win the line of scrimmage.

Q: You said several times that Tony Pashos has come in and played well right away, but his numbers are pretty staggering in terms of pressures allowed – they're pretty low. Why does he fit this offense? What have you seen from him that's allowed him to be so successful?

Coach Allen:He's played in the league a long time. He's a real pro. He's prepared himself the right way, and really it comes down to fundamentals and technique and he stays in between his guy and the quarterback. It's really as simple as that. I think sometimes we try to make this game too complicated. It's not that complicated. You have a guy you're supposed to block, you stay between him and the quarterback and generally you're going to be alright.

Q: What kind of challenge do their skill position players, like Pierre Garcon and guys like that, present to you?

Coach Allen:Well they're a challenge. I think they're fast and they're athletic and they do a good job of run after catch. Obviously, Santana Moss has played in this league a long time; he does a really good job for them in the slot. I think, not just specifically the wide receivers, but when you look at their run game and what they're able to do in their run game with their backs, I think they're a well-balanced offense. They have the ability to throw the ball, they have the ability to run the ball and like I said yesterday, we're going to have to be on our A game to win this game.

Q: How'd Matt [Flynn] fare? He threw the most yesterday he probably has in a few weeks.

Coach Allen:Matt's fine. Matt did another good job today and if he's the guy that gets the call on Sunday, he'll be ready to go.

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