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Coach Allen Thursday

On LB Rolando McClain and RB Taiwan Jones: "I'm hopeful both those guys will be able to play. They moved around pretty decently today so I'm real hopeful."

On kick returns: "Well we've got Mike Goodson and Coye Francies. Both ready to go."

On LS Nick Guess: "He's done a nice job for us. He's putting it in the right spots and we've been able to handle all the snaps so that's been a good thing."

On keys to winning on the road in hostile environment: "I think the key is to start fast and start strong. They key is to stay on schedule offensively and then defensively we've got to find a way to take the ball away a couple times."

On who will start at center: "We haven't made that decision yet. Both of them have gotten reps so we're going to watch them again tomorrow at practice and then we'll make a decision."

On Alex Parsons' play at guard and feeling comfortable with him as the swing guy: "Oh yeah, yeah."

On how he determines who starts: "You look at the whole thing, but when you have something that happens in the game, you try not to have a bunch of people moving around into different positions. It's better to make a one-for-one switch a lot of times than it is to try to do a lot of shuffling around."

On WR Jacoby Ford: "We haven't done anything yet, but there's probably a strong possibility that he'll go to IR."

On if it will be the long IR: "Yes."

On if CB Ron Bartell needs surgery: "Not to my knowledge. I don't believe he needs surgery. He saw a specialist yesterday and I don't believe he needs surgery."

On if Ford's injury will take that long to heal: "It's possible that it could take a long time."

On if Parsons' play has made the center position a competition or if it was just the injury to Stefen Wisniewski: "I think both of them have a factor. When you come into it, and the fact that Wisniewski had played a lot last year, we kind of figured that he would be a guy we could count on. Then with the injury coming into OTAs and mini-camps and then the calf injury in the preseason, it kind of set him back a little bit. So it's been a process trying to get him back. But also, Alex has functioned well at the center position. We like competition. We look for competition because it makes all of us better."

On LS Jon Condo: "He was feeling a lot better today. He's going to be a day-by-day process. He'll go on the trip with us. He'll be there with us and if he's ready to go, then he'll play."

On whether concussed players are off limits until they pass the test: "They're not off limits. He's still in the meetings and [Head Trainer] Rod [Martin] keeps me up to date on where he is and how he's doing. We're following the protocol and we're going to continue to follow the protocol and whenever he's cleared, he'll be ready to play."

On if this is the most attention on a long snapper he's experienced: "It's the most attention I want to see paid to the long snapper position. Yeah, but that's part of the National Football League. Injuries happen and we have to be prepared for anything, so we're going to learn from the lesson and move on."

On the two-night trips and what happens on Saturday: "Saturday is going to be the same basic routine. I let them sleep in a little bit longer because we don't get into Miami until late. We'll sleep in a little bit longer and then be up and have our normal meetings and walk-through and have our night meetings and be ready to play the game. So not much will change."

On DB Pat Lee: "I thought he went in and played against a good offensive team and played pretty well. We're looking forward to watching him go out there and play. He's prepared to play like a pro and that's what we fully anticipate. Again, it's next-man-up philosophy. You play the games, so he's going to go out there and we expect a high level and he expects a high level of himself."

On Lee having a nice camp: "He's continued to do a nice job."

On TE Brandon Myers getting most of the snaps at tight end: "It's part of how the game played out. We're going to need to get some of those other guys into the game a little bit more, mix our personnels a little bit. We've got a good game plan for doing that this week."

On calling someone up for the defensive line rotation: "That's a possibility. We don't obviously have to make that decision until game day, so we're going to suit up the best 46 players that we think gives us the best chance to win the game. It doesn't matter what position they play. The best guys that we think give us the best chance to win."

On if WR Denarius Moore will start: "I don't know whether he'll start or not, but I'm very hopeful that he's going to be up and ready to go. It'll be exciting if we're able to get him back out there."

On the special teams coverage units: "The coverage units I thought were better. I thought we did a nice job flying around on the kickoff coverage. That was a good kickoff return team we played last week. We had a block in the back on the punt return where a guy has the chance to potentially make a play and gets hit in the back. I was pleased with the way the coverage was in the game."

On what Moore brings to the offense: "I think Denarius showed last year that he's a playmaker on offense and he has the ability to go and get the ball and I know Carson [Palmer] has confidence in him so anytime you can get more playmakers on the field, the better off you're going to be."

On if he thinks Moore will be able to go full speed: "I feel pretty good about it. He's been able to increase his reps from last week to this week so he's practiced a lot more. If you ask me today, I feel good about it."

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