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Coach Allen Thursday

On if he's coached against [Greg] Schiano: "No, no, at least not that I'm aware of. I know I'm impressed with what his team does and you can definitely tell they're a well-coached team by watching them play. He obviously does a good job."

On the Buccaneers philosophy on kneel-down plays: "Yeah, we'll be ready. Our job is to be ready for anything so yeah, we'll be ready for it."

On Sebastian Janikowski winning AFC Special Teams Player of the Month: "That obviously means he's kicking it good. He's done a good job. It's a comforting thing to know that you can put him out there and feel confident that he's going to kick it through. And really we've put him in a couple game-winning situations and he's come through both times so that's really a comforting feeling for the coach to have to make that decision."

On seeing teams around the league having issues with their kickers: "Glad we don't have to deal with it. We've got two pretty good specialists and obviously that's a comforting feeling knowing you've got both those guys."

On balancing gap discipline with having a defense that flies around: "When you play hard and you play fast, it obviously makes up for a lot of mistakes. Football is a game of mistakes and the team that makes the fewest amount of mistakes is usually the team that wins the game. But if you play hard and you get 11 guys flying around to the football, it makes up for somebody that might be out of a gap. Really, you have to have gap discipline. That comes back to the players and the players have done a nice job of maintaining their responsibility and doing what they're supposed to do on most every play."

On if it's unusual to work on red zone during a Wednesday practice: "We started work on the red zone today, but we talked a little bit about where this team is and who this team is and where they excel. A couple of areas defensively that they excel at – they excel on third down, they excel at stopping the run, they excel at the red zone. So that was a point to the offense of areas where we have to make sure we're prepared for."

On how they need to improve in the red zone: "It's execution. It's as simple as that. Things move a lot faster down there in the red zone. Things happen quicker down there in the red zone. Your ability to know your assignment for speed and be able to react quicker is critical. That's what we've got to be able to do down there because the smallest little mistakes down there in the red zone become huge."

On Bucs RB Doug Martin: "He's a guy that really can do a lot of different things. I think he's got great vision. I think he's extremely quick and he also runs with great power. He's got a lot of different things he can do as far as the running game is concerned. Then obviously he's a threat anytime he gets out of the backfield, so there's a reason why he was drafted in the first round. He's living up to that billing."

On opportunity to get to a .500 record: "It'd be big for us, but again, this is one of 16 games, so we can't put too much on it. Obviously, we want to win the game. We're doing everything we can to prepare to win the game and we'll see how things factor out on Sunday. It's part of the National Football League; you can't ride the rollercoaster ride and get too high one week and then be too low the next week. You've got to try to stay as consistent as you can and we've got to be able to do that no matter what happens this Sunday."

On the process of the season: "Really it's the same things we've been doing. We haven't changed a whole lot as far as the process we go through. It's a constant evaluation of what we think we can do well each and every week and we try to focus on those things and then we try to learn from our mistakes and try to get those things corrected."

On which of his messages are getting the most traction: "I don't know. I think really the whole team is starting to get a little bit of a feel for what we're trying to get accomplished, how we're trying to do things, and they're getting more comfortable with our schemes and our systems. As they get more comfortable with that, hopefully we'll continue to get better."

On Richard Seymour: "Seymour practiced today. He was limited in practice today."

On how far they've come since evaluating everything during the bye week: "We've got some things corrected. We've been better in some areas, but we still have a long way to go. We've still got a lot of things that we've got to get better at. It doesn't matter what your record is, that's always the case. We've got to continue to improve, again, throughout this 16-game season."

On Brandon Myers as a run blocker: "That's an area where he's got to continue to improve. He's obviously been exceptional for us as far as the passing game has been concerned, but I think every day he understands this, that when he comes out here, that's one of the areas he's got to continue to work on."

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