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Coach Allen Thursday

On putting together a win on the road: "I think that's something that we've got to try to move forward to accomplish. Playing on the road, obviously you play half your games on the road, so we have to figure out ways to win on the road, go into the Eastern Time Zone and play a game and win a football game. That's really what our mindset is and our players are looking forward to another opportunity to try and go do that."

On the keys to doing well on trips to the East Coast: "Obviously the distance that you have to travel, the time of the game, those are factors in the game, but really what it boils down to is really your mindset. You have to be able to block out all those external factors and focus in on the things you have to do in the game to try to win the football game. You can't allow any of those external factors to influence you."

On if there is a chance Richard Seymour is placed on IR or chance he's back next week: "I guess there's a chance. Obviously he didn't practice again today so we'll basically take him on a day-by-day basis."

On if he means a chance Seymour goes on IR or chance he plays: "I mean, there's a chance for either one of those, but we'll just have to play it on a day-by-day basis on where he's at."

On if Tyvon Branch will practice tomorrow: "That's what we're hoping. We'll see how he's feeling in the morning. That's kind of what the plan was last week. We'll just have to see how he's feeling in the morning."

On Terrelle Pryor's progression: "He's progressing like a lot of young players do. He has some good days and then he has some bad days; it's not uncommon for any young player. The thing that I can say about Terrelle is he continues to work and he wants to be good. I think as long as he's got that type of attitude and he's going to continue to work, there's a chance that he's going to develop."

On having Pryor to simulate QB Cam Newton: "It's beneficial. A lot of times you play guys like this that are mobile quarterbacks and I've seen guys that use running backs or wide receivers back there, but it's nice to have a guy that really can pretty much simulate what Cam can do."

On if there can be carryover to 2013 if Raiders put together three-straight wins to finish the season: "Every year is a new year, but obviously, we want to finish this season out strong and go into the off-season with a little bit of momentum. But again, every year is a new year. But I will say this, any time you get an opportunity to out there and win football games, that's important to build in the culture of your football team."

On preparing for Carolina's running game: "It's real difficult because they've got two different styles of running game. They've got their quarterback-read schemes that they run and then they've got their conventional pro-style offense runs that they do. So that's what makes them even more difficult. And then the fact that when they drop back to throw the ball, Cam can create with his legs. They present a lot of challenges in what they can do offensively because they have a lot of talented offensive football players. We've got a lot of weapons that we've got to take into account for."

On what makes a good read-option quarterback: "I think it's like anything else, it's a skill. Playing the quarterback position is a skill and some guys are better at it than other guys. Obviously this guy is extremely good at running this read-option scheme. He understands it, he knows how to run it, and that's not what they do all the time. It's part of what they do which really makes it even that much more difficult because there's so many other things you have to worry about defending. I think he's done it and he understands it and so therefore he's pretty good at it."

On Pryor's ability to run the read-option scheme: "We've worked some of that in our offense. It's not something that we'd done a ton of, so obviously hadn't had nearly as many reps as they have."

On why they haven't used more read-option type things with Pryor in games: "It's part of the things we've had in our package, but in that particular game, we wanted to try to get him an opportunity to get in the game, run some of the normal offense, and just see where he was from that standpoint."

On if Phillip Adams will start: "Yeah, I would anticipate that. He's been able to practice this week, so I haven't seen any ill effects."

On if Adams will field punts: "Yes."

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