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Coach Allen Wednesday

On the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: "They're a good football team. I think they're young, they're athletic on defense. They put a lot of pressure on teams. They take the ball away, they play extremely hard, and they play very physical. Defensively, they're an athletic group. Offensively, they're a team with a lot of weapons. They can strike at any point in time. They're really effective throwing the ball down the field. They've got two, well really three, tall receivers that can go up and make a play on a ball down the field. They'll throw it into coverage sometimes and give their guys an opportunity to go up and make the play. The quarterback is playing really well. [Doug] Martin, the runner, there's a reason why he was their first-round draft choice. I think this is a talented football team."

On Bucs QB Josh Freeman: "I think they've figured out what they can do really well offensively. They're putting their players in those positions. I think their ability to throw the ball down field vertically, and their receivers' ability to go up and make a play at the highest point, is what they do extremely well. That will be something that we have to make sure that we can defend."

On Tampa Bay's balanced attack: "I think anytime you can be two-dimensional on offense it makes you more difficult to defend. We've got to worry about the run and the pass."

On Ron Bartell's first day back at practice: "He was limited in practice, but yet, he got a pretty good amount of work on the show teams. It's more of a situation of getting him in football shape more so than it is precautionary about the injury."

On if Bartell will be ready for game in Baltimore: "I don't know, we'll see when we get to that day."

On the Tampa Bay rushing defense: "I think they're as advertised in stopping the run. They do a great job of stopping the run. They're very active inside with their two inside tackles. They do a lot of things to get disruption in the backfield. They're one of the best teams as far as creating negative plays defensively. I think they're every bit as advertised."

On Ronde Barber: "Obviously, he's a guy that's going to be extremely hard to fool. I know they've got a 1st round draft choice playing safety playing next to him. I'm sure his ability to help the younger players to understand not only what's going on during the game, but just as far as preparation in the week of practice. Any time you can have a few of those veteran players, especially the way Ronde has played, because he's made a lot of plays based on his instincts and football smarts, I think that helps you."

On Raiders run defense up to this point: "It's execution. It's guys being accountable and being where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there. That's part of what run defense is. The other part is guys are flying around to the ball. You eliminate some of the missed tackles and things like that when you get 11 hats around the ball. That's something that our guys have done a better job are doing."

On whether the team takes pride in run defense: "Absolutely, that's where it all starts, your ability to stop the run and really play a physical brand of football. I think our guys, they believe in that."

On Aaron Curry's recovery: "He practiced again this week, today, and got a few more reps with the defensive group today. Again, we'll see where we're at, at the end of the week. We don't have to make any type of decision until actually next week on him, so we'll just let it play out and see where we're at, at the end of the week."

On if activating Curry it's a matter of health or what helps the team: "Well, I think it's a bit of a combination of both. We've got to make the decisions that are best for this football team. As well as, listen, he hadn't played football in a long time. It's not like you just come out and start playing football after a week or two and everything is fine and good. There are some things that we want to see out of him. Whenever we feel like it's the best move for the football team, we'll make the move."

On whether there's a chance that Curry won't be activated: "That's a crystal ball that you need to look in to see whether there's any chance that he wouldn't. Our anticipation is that we'll activate him. Again, I don't have that crystal ball."

On Shawntae Spencer: "He has not had any setbacks. The progress has slowed a lot more than what we anticipated. We anticipated that there would be more progress by this point in time. It's coming around a little slower than what we would have hoped. It's of no fault of his; it's just the nature of the injury."

On Huff's transition from safety to corner: "I don't know whether it [a transition from safety to corner] has or hasn't happened. I know that it's a lot less common to see that type of move. Moving from corner to safety, usually what happens in that case is when a guy doesn't quite have the speed or athleticism that he once had out on the edge, he's able to go inside and play safety especially if he's a smart football player. Whereas you don't see a lot of guys as they move on in their career move into a position where they have to be more athletic and a little bit more speed."

On Huff's improvement: "I'm not ready to put him in the Hall of Fame yet. I don't think Willie Brown has anything to worry about yet. He has improved. That's what we expect and that's what we will continue to expect that every day he has an opportunity to go out there and work that he gets a little bit better every week."

On [Mike] Goodson and [Stefen] Wisniewski: "Both of them practiced today. I don't anticipate that being an issue with either one of those players."

On [Richard] Seymour: "More rest than anything else."

On [Keenan] Clayton: "He's got the shoulder. He's a guy that I've got concerns on."

On if Curry is doing work on special teams: "He hasn't done a whole lot of work prior on special teams. Obviously that will be something that is a part of his role. He's been doing that out here, yes."

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