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Coach Allen Wednesday

On Rolando McClain's practice status: "McClain didn't practice. Team-related issues."

On if he'll provide any more detail: "No more details, no more comment, just team-related issues."

On if McClain will practice tomorrow: "I don't know that."

On having Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson back: "Both Goodson and McFadden practiced on a limited basis. Took reps with the first group some today. It's still an evaluation process. We'll have to see how they go the rest of the week, but it obviously was good to see them back out there."

On if the weather comes into play for their return: "I don't really think that's a factor as far as bringing them back or not. Obviously it is a factor as far as game planning is concerned and that's one of the reasons we went out there today is because we may have to play in those type of elements on Sunday so we'll see."

On whether rust or health will determine their return: "Will probably be a little bit of both. Making sure they're fully health and able to go out there and function and do the things that they need to do to be successful out there. That will be the primary deal. Obviously there's going to be some rust. Any time you sit out for three weeks there's going to be some rust."

On how their return will change the offense: "I think it just gives us a few more weapons. I don't know that it really changes a whole lot other than we've got some other weapons and we've got some good football players back."

On how McFadden and Goodson looked at practice: "They looked like they're working their way back."

On continuing to utilize Marcel Reece: "Marcel's earned the right to carry the ball some so we'll still use him in that capacity, yes."

On the Browns: "They're an improving team. They're 3-3 in their last six games. They won a big game last week against Pittsburgh, created eight takeaways in the game. So I think they're a young team and I think they're a young team that's improving and getting better. They're a big, tough, physical football team so we're going to have to match their physicality on both sides of the ball. They run the ball very well. They've got a real good running back who's tough to tackle. I think Cleveland is an improving football team."

On if he's ever seen a team force eight turnovers like the Browns did: "There was a lot of them. I'm hoping we can return the favor this week."

On the team's mood: "We talked earlier in the week and really we're looking at this thing as we're 0-0; we've got a five-game season. Let's go out and see what we can do in the next five games. The guys are receptive to that; they're responsive. I thought, for the most part, we had good enthusiasm out there today. I don't sense that there's a black cloud hanging over their head. I think they enjoy playing football and they're ready to get back out there and play again."

On the message for the rest of the season: "The message is that we've got a five-game season. We've got to take it one game at a time from there and we need to play better football. We need to play better offense. We need to play better defense. We need to play better in the kicking game. There's nothing we can do about those past games; they're gone. We don't forget about them, but we've got to move forward and that's what we're planning on doing."

On if he ever questions what he thought he saw in past practices: "No, I believe that we've had good practices. I believe the guys have come out and worked. We haven't gotten the results we've been looking for, obviously, but I don't think it's from a lack of effort. I don't think it's from a lack of trying."

On Miles Burris: "He was ill today, so we kept him in the training room and we'll see how he's feeling tomorrow."

On Richard Seymour: "I thought there was a chance that he might be back Monday. Obviously he wasn't back today. Really we're in a day-by-day situation with him. We'll see where he's at."

On if he's altered his message to the team: "Well, I think obviously you realize where the record is right now that some of the goals and aspirations we had earlier in the year may not be as realistic as what they were obviously. The focus now has to be more on let's restart. Let's start this thing over. It's 0-0 and let's see where we can go from here and that's what we're going to try to do."

On Terrelle Pryor: "Hey listen, Terrelle is growing. He's growing. There's a potential that he might be up in the game as the third quarterback. We'll just leave it at that. We'll see what goes from there."

On if he's avoided using Pryor in situations to avoid slowing his QB development: "No, I think our focus has been on him developing as a quarterback, but I think somewhere down the line, we need to see what he can do. Now when that time is, I don't know the exact answer to that yet, but they'll be a time where we need to look at him and see what he can do."

On Juron Criner playing more snaps than Rod Streater: "We did have Criner in as the third receiver. I think it's more a situation where we want to get a look at Juron Criner, a guy that we drafted, a young guy we think highly of. He's getting more comfortable in the offense and so Monte [Poole] asked me about the message, some of it is, there are some young guys that we want to make sure we get a look at. He's obviously one of those guys we drafted, so we like him, we need to let him play."

On if he took more of a role this week in defensive play calling: "No."

On if they'll give Tony Bergstrom more time: "Yeah, that's a potential."

On which position Bergstrom would play: "He's really played all, except for center, really played all the line positions this year as far as getting reps in practice. He could play in any of those positions."

On BenJarvus Green-Ellis' big run: "Usually when you have a breakdown like that, something is wrong; somebody isn't in the right spot. We didn't fit it up the right way. We have to come downhill. We have to hit it thick and then the backside backer has to be able to get over the top."

On Mike Brisiel: "He's obviously struggled some, but he's working extremely hard to try to get better. He knows he needs to play better and he takes a lot of pride in it. It's important to him. That's important to me. I want guys that want it to be important to them and it's important to him."

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