Coach Cable August 14th Transcript


Coach Cable: Okay let's update the injury here a little bit. Jacoby Ford did not practice, Paul, Hubbard, Louis Murphy, Luke Lawton, Darren McFadden, Tony Stewart, Charlie Frye, Swayze Waters, Sam Williams and Jay Richardson…nothing real serious there, just a matter of getting some guys over soreness and stuff from the game.

Q: Rolando McClain, why was he not here today?

Coach Cable:He has a personal issue that he has been excused to handle.

Q: Any idea how long he will be gone?

Coach Cable:He will be back quick.

Q: You have had a few days to digest the game and get some work in and coach it up, overall assessment from the Dallas game?

Coach Cable:Well, I am pleased with our run defense, three yards a carry. I am pleased with the run offense, 4.6, but there are too many penalties. I think that is where we need to start; there were eight of them and four of them were false start penalties. So those pre-snap penalties offensively just kill you. That has got to be addressed as always. I liked a lot of things. I am disappointed in the turnover but also I am very pleased we got two turnovers. You have all seen the emphasis we are making on the turnover deal. So we are plus one and that goes hand in hand with having success and winning a ball game.

Q: How impressive is it to have your ends, one is a rookie and one is in his third year. To have those guys be that far along, does it typically take this long or are they ahead of the curve?

Coach Cable:Well, second year for the one, but I just think they are doing what they are coached to do really. They are getting some opportunities in that game and they did it. That is the best part of it Steve, is when the opportunity was there, they seized it. I just want us to go from there and keep getting better. Both of those guys will tell you that that probably each missed another opportunity, and they can improve in their own game.

Q: Mike Mitchell was back as a deep safety today, he pretty much has the reputation as a hitter and in the box guy. Are his ball skills such as to where he can eventually play that position?

Coach Cable:Well, I think that the reason you saw him there today is because we want to find that out. So he did some nice things the other night and kind of pleased with what he did. There were four or five plays that he cannot have, and he has got to be better. So in the process of developing our team; we want to move him around a little bit and see if we can develop some of those things in the middle of the field.

Q: How did McClain do in his first game?

Coach Cable:I think he did fine, he ran the defense like he wanted to. He ran to the ball and he was in on a number of plays. So I think you could say that it was a success.

Q: How was it logistically for you and the staff getting the plays called, getting the huddle broken, and things of that nature, substitution packages?

Coach Cable:Everything was fine, except for our tempo. That is not getting the play in and out. I think that it is more us getting the huddle set and ready to go, and the quarterback to step it and give us the information so we can break the huddle and go to work. I think that there is too much kind of grazing around there. Plays are coming in; quarterback stepped out letting the substitution happen. I think that we need is to speed up, and have the huddle ready for him to come in and go to work.

Q: How did Rock Cartwright and Michael Bennett run in the game?

Coach Cable:I think that they ran tough. I think Michael dropped his shoulder pad on that safety there when he bounced the ball outside. But I thought both guys ran tough, and they both took care of the football. I thought that was very impressive.

Q: How was it with Hue Jackson calling the plays?

Coach Cable:It was good. I thought that we did some nice things that way; I am excited about where we are moving that way. I think we really have some things in place now where we can grow and get better.

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