Coach Cable August 17 Transcript


Coach Cable: Okay, guys that did not work today, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Paul Hubbard, Chaz Schilens, Darren McFadden, Tony Stewart, Charlie Frye, Swayze Waters, Sam Williams, Jay Richardson, and Chris Johnson. An update on Charlie Frye, there is an issue with the wrist, I don't know the medical term of it but he is having a procedure tomorrow and we will know more after that. Jay Richardson saw a specialist he had his knee scoped today.

Q: Where are you guys at as far as who will play this week?

Coach Cable:On Thursday we will discuss all that who is going to play and who is not. Again, it looks like we will get most of these guys for the game.

Q: You talked the other day about the differences between Chicago and Dallas, what are some of the challenges that they will present for you that will give you a test for the regular season?

Coach Cable:I think that will the addition of Julius Peppers, Particularly our first group will have to deal with him and Tommie Harris and the good linebacker crew. So the front seven I think will be a very good test for us early in that football game.

Q: What about on the other side of the ball?

Coach Cable:Well they are going to throw it around; Mike Martz is going to spread the ball and throw it all over the place so we will have to be dialed in a little bit in terms of coverage and trying to rush the passer.

Q: How does Mario Henderson look, I saw you were doing the pushup thing with him?

Coach Cable:He is getting it. He has made some improvements here this week and kind of coming off the Dallas game. So I am kind of excited. I think that he will be too to match up with Peppers a little bit in the game.

Q: At what point do you start to see these guys separating from each other?

Coach Cable:You know, that is what the pre-season games are about. We have played the one at Dallas. I am not sure a lot of separation happened. So as we go through camp and the guys who can really handle the fatigue and the grind and handle those things, and still put it out there on game night, and ultimately that is how you separate yourself.

Q: How key is a healthy Darren McFadden to what you want to accomplish this entire season?

Coach Cable:It is very important to us definitely. It is important for our team it is important to him. We have all seen what he is capable of when he is healthy. And so we want to make sure we don't rush it and bring him back when he is ready to go again.

Q: Your offense didn't gash Dallas, but you did a pretty good job protecting the quarterback especially Kyle Boller. How encouraged are you by this early on?

Coach Cable:Well I am encouraged but, like we talked about after the game we need to get going a little quicker and stand some guys. Third down really was the biggest negative out of that football game. There was some good things in terms of protection. I thought in the second half running the ball with some efficiency, but I would like to see us get started just a little quicker.

Q: Any of the undrafted agents standing out so far?

Coach Cable:There have been some guys who have shown up, think about guys like Alex Daniels and his move to full back he is learning it and figuring it out physically…looks to have all the tools to maybe help us there. That is guy that stands out in my mind as much as anybody right now.

Q: How much more comfortable are you this year?

Coach Cable:Well, we are working together as an organization and a football team and supporting each other the right way. I think everything is moving in the direction that it should be.

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