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Coach Cable: Okay, guys who did not work today, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Paul Hubbard, Chaz Schilens, Darren McFadden, Tony Stewart, Brandon Myers didn't finish practice took a ball off the finger so we sent him over to get an x-ray, Charlie Frye, Sam Williams, Jay Richardson and Chris Johnson. Couple of updates for you, I mentioned yesterday Jay Richardson had a scope procedure done, he should be back here I believe tomorrow. That timeline…not certain with it yet until we get back and get to rehab with him. Charlie Frye had a procedure done on his wrist today. Same thing…he will get back here and we will determine how long that is going to be.

Q: With Chaz is he sore, a planned day off?

Coach Cable:Yeah, just protecting him. I am doing that quite a bit I know you guys are wondering about it I am trying to be more proactive on the smart side and take care of these guys.

Q: Is that the same in terms of all of your receivers?

Coach Cable:A little bit, because if you notice we have had many days where we have had six or seven guys. So we have used a lot of legs. I don't want to just throw guys back out there yet until they are ready to go.

Q: How has that helped out the younger guys, with the added reps?

Coach Cable:That is actually a part of what is going on here; trying to give all the young guys particularly those who have missed a little bit [like] Jacoby Ford. We will have some tough decisions to make as we start to get down.

Q: Which of those guys has made the most of the added reps out there?

Coach Cable:I like what a number have done, right now Yamon Figurs has jumped out a little bit. It is nice to have Jacoby back and working. He looks ready to go now so we will get a chance to see him play on Saturday and that will be big for him and us. Todd Watkins has been solid, consistent as he always is. Johnnie Lee [Higgins] has done some good things. I think that part of it is working. I think we are developing that group at a much faster rate.

Q: With Bruce still not able to play, will Kyle Boller still be following Jason Campbell?

Coach Cable:Yes, I think so. His question was will Kyle follow Jason, definitely, definitely, again I think Bruce is really, really close but I want to give him the opportunity to be as close to 100 percent if not a 100 percent before he goes in a game.

Q: With Ford in the game are you going to use him mainly as a receiver or are you going to let him get back for kicks also?

Coach Cable:We will try and give him an opportunity to return something in the game but the focus will be to put him in the offense and get him in the game.

Q: Talk about how key the relationship between Jason Campbell and Zach Miller has been?

Coach Cable:I think it is developing the right way. There is a comfort level there with both of them whether it be on third down in the red zone. But I also think that is happening with Louis Murphy a little bit. As we get Chaz on a more consistent basis, and Darrius hopefully that will continue to expand and grow with all those guys. But certainly Zach and Jason's relationship is flourishing.

Q: Has that helped Jason get uncomfortable here, coming from the east coast and just immediately developing that relationship with Zach.

Coach Cable:I do, if you think where Jason came from he had a tight end out there Chris Cooley that he had a nice bond with. It probably was a natural deal for him to come here and get hooked up with Zach.

Q: Talk about Lamarr Houston, he is very versatile; you have decided you are going to stick him at defensive end. Is that pretty much his place now or is it his starting job?

Coach Cable:Well, I certainly think this, he has certainly has come in here and gotten comfortable and given us something at that left end spot. But you will see him move around he is playing inside in some of the nickel rush stuff as well.

Q: How much does it help Kyle having a guy like Hue Jackson here?

Coach Cable:Well we talked about that, it does help because he there is confidence for Kyle. He kind of understands, he has been coached by that guy and so he understands what he is looking for and what he is asking for. So I think that helps him being able to step in and have some confidence right from the beginning.

Q: Where is he at in terms of Kyle's development in this offense?

Coach Cable:I think he is doing well. I think the game last Thursday at Dallas kind of speaks for itself. Certainly he will get another opportunity this weekend to go out there and see if he can consistently do that.

Q: Will Colt Brennan get a chance to play this weekend?

Coach Cable:I think we feel better about it. I think until we sit down and talk about the play time. It is a probably, we will see.

Q: You talked about tempo and fixing some things in regards to the huddle and those sorts of things. Are there any other logistics that need to be cleaned up, with play calling and substitutions and that kind of thing?

Coach Cable:That part was exceptional; I mean we didn't have any issues getting the right personnel in and out of the game. We were fine on the play clock and play calling and all that. I just think that the issue will be the pre-snap penalty, that is the biggest and next greatest focus for us.

Q: There is a lot of talk about Rolando McClain, but Kamerion Wimbley solidifies that linebacker role doesn't he?

Coach Cable:I think so, if anything I am most excited about the other day is Dallas ran three power plays and for the first time since I have been around here our SAM linebacker stood up the fullback all three times. There was nowhere to run. And that is what he brings he is a guy that understands what you ask him to do to. Plays it the way you are asking him to play it, and I think that we are fortunate because he can run and he has coverage skills.

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