Coach Cable August 19 Transcript

Coach Cable: Okay let's talk about guys that didn't do much today…Darrius Heyward-Bey, Paul Hubbard, Chaz Schilens, Darren McFadden, Tony Stewart, Sam Williams, Jay Richardson, and Chris Johnson. Richard Seymour didn't do anything today...put Charlie Frye on the injured reserve, and signed Eric Butler from Mississippi State. Guys who probably won't play on Saturday will be Hubbard and McFadden, Stewart, Sam Williams, Richardson, Chris Johnson, and a couple of other guys I may hold. But I have not decided all that yet, I'll decide that tomorrow.

Q: Who is going to be the third quarterback Kyle Boller or Colt Brennan?

Coach Cable:It will be Colt.

Q: Does Bruce Gradkowski have a chance at all of playing?

Coach Cable:I would rather not this game. I want him to be 100 percent when he goes in there and we will give him a sense of time during the next couple of weeks.

Q: You had signed Kyle in the middle of June I think, at the time why did you sign him and looking back how happy are you that you signed him?

Coach Cable:Well, I mean right now, we are certainly happy. But I am happy for him because I thought he showed well up last week and like a few other guys he is getting a new start. I think that he is making the most of it and certainly the way the situation has worked out with Bruce having a groin issue, is giving him a bigger opportunity.

Q: Boller has only played 20 games in the last four or five years. How has he been able to show you that he has shaken off that rust and is ready for game speed again?

Coach Cable:Well, you just look at last Thursday I suppose, that is the best way to look at it. He has done a lot of good things in practice but I thought what he did in the game spoke volumes.

Q: Is his attitude, it has been good for him to be with Hue and a place where he feels comfortable and already familiar with?

Coach Cable:He has been outstanding that way. He is a team, team, team, first always.

Q: What are you looking to see from the passing offense specifically this week?

Coach Cable:I want to see us throw some completions and get some continuity with it. See if we can put some drives together and throw three or four more completions from last week. I think that I would feel pretty good about it. I would like to see some of those guys make some of those catches that we are seeing in practice, and of course continue to protect the quarterback for sure.

Q: Regard to the timing of that passing offense, with Heyward-Bey fatigued and Schilens missing all the time that he has, while you are being safe with him, do you have to straddle a line a little bit keeping them fresh; you must be losing some timing?

Coach Cable:I don't know if I am losing it so much as I am a little worried that what we gained we are not growing form there. That is my only worry. But we will be okay. I am confident in that.

Q: Do you expect when we are out of here, in Napa basically, when you are back in Alameda, that they will be a run up for them this season and that they will be out there a lot more, and that's the plan sort of?

Coach Cable:I would think so. If you look at this team I have kept them in pads on the days I really felt like we needed to for a purpose, something in a drill that day or I wanted to see. I have taken them out when I didn't feel that need because as we proved Thursday we are a very physical football team. So I don't, it would be stupid or ridiculous for anyone to say that you need to hit more or anything like that. We have already proven who we are that way.

Q: That could be a pretty good thing, regardless of the guys that you put out there if Bears QB Jay Cutler is out there that much, throwing the ball all over the field.

Coach Cable:I agree with that, you are seeing a guy who has had a lot of success at times in this league so it would be good even for the young guys to see him.

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