Coach Cable August 1st Transcript


Coach Cable: A quick update the same two guys didn't practice today, WRs Chaz Schilens and Louis Murphy. Both are progressing and we will be smart about it, then we will move forward, it is not urgent right now and we will get them back when they are ready to go.

Q: What kind of edge does that give you, that the weather is not as hot as a lot of camps?

Coach Cable: I think it will it will be warm enough as the afternoon gets here, but the cooler weather does give us an edge in terms of hydration and makes us a little fresher and we can practice longer.

Q: Do you see that they are anxious that they want to get out there and put the pads on tomorrow?

Coach Cable: Yes, we see that a little today, we kind of tweaked practice a little bit today, situation of goal yardage and two minute drill at the end, they are ready to go to work and I just want to get these things taught at the end and then pull back a little bit, and not really get too outrageous before the pads.

Q: There were a few plays yesterday where Rolando McClain, intercepted a ball and another that he almost got, how much of that is a guy who is buried in film, and how much of it is a guy who gets it?

Coach Cable: I think it's a little bit of gets it, he does study but he has a great feel of where he needs to be, he is a good communicator, he sees where the play starts and enables him to get himself in the position to get underneath those balls, yesterday that was a heck of a play.

Q: You have a lot of new faces, why is it more your kind of team?

Coach Cable: Just what we have been talking about, the character of the team in terms of football character they like each other they like playing the game, they like to work as you have seen at practice, that is the mentality.

Q: How do you connect the classroom to the play on the field?

Coach Cable: Well, it is a direct correlation - everything that we do at night is going to be in the next day, and we spend the day in-between practices studying it and we look at film and teach from it, they go hand in hand for sure.

Q: Jacoby ford has been complimented a lot for his routes so far, has he come a little farther along as a route runner?

Coach Cable: I think he has, he is starting to play with the speed that he has, and the deal with him is that he doesn't play as fast as he runs, but I think that we are getting him to do that. I think that is where his compliments are coming from is his ability to explode, at the line of scrimmage and get those routes much faster than he did in his college career.

Q: What can you tell about the return game here, as opposed to in a pre-season game?

Coach Cable: Nothing, you have to do that for real, you have to get underneath a kick with those guys coming down on you, and kickoff return and punt return, you can look at it, plan it, teach it, get it prepped up, but that definitely takes live reps in order to evaluate it.

Q: Marcel Reece has been here for a couple of years, how big is tomorrow for him when he starts blocking and hitting?

Coach Cable: You kind of hit on the head, he came here as a wide receiver and so his transition to blocking being a lead blocker is critical and so tomorrow and everything following tomorrow is very important to him.

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