Coach Cable August 24 Transcript


Coach Cable: Okay let's talk about who didn't practice today. Chaz Schilens first and foremost, he had a Arthroscopic procedure, I can't tell you yet, he's not back, as to a timeline but we'll know that here pretty quick. Samson Satele, obviously he's got an ankle injury.  It does not look to be serious but we'll not force the issue there. Langston Walker, held him out today he has some lower back tightening. Alex Daniels didn't finish today he moved back to defense, he had a sore groin.  Jay Richardson is back at camp with the knee issue. Richard Seymour is continuing to rehab the tricep and Chris Johnson is rehabbing the hamstring.

Q: With this heat today, it seemed like it was 110 degrees, how will that help the team the rest of the season, especially when they play in other climates?

Coach Cable:It was great, it was exactly 103. It was perfect. We needed it, I talked before, we had a chance to head to Dallas it was 104 degrees when we got off the plane. We played in Chicago last week, we were hoping to have a lot of humidity, we didn't get it, it was actually a pretty cool night. What I'm getting at is that we have to go open at Tennessee so we are going to need to be in this environment a little bit. It was good for us. I'm really excited how we handled it today as a football team. We just went to work and that's what's cool about  this group of guys. There's no complaining or moping about it; we just went right to work. Yeah it's hot, but so what? Just give me something cool to drink and we'll keep moving. I like that about our team.

Q: Off to a great start so far in the preseason, how is it going to feel to be in front of the Raider Nation this Saturday?

Coach Cable:I think we are all very excited to come home. We have been on the road now two weeks in a row, two long trips; but now we get to come home and be in front of our own crowd. We're are all tickled about it and excited to play the 49ers this weekend and we look forward to it.

Q: Most coaches figure the third game of the preseason, the philosophy is that it is the game we get ready for the regular season. Do you go for that or is it just another preseason exhibition?

Coach Cable:I think a little bit of both. The biggest issue now is to continue evaluating our football team. The cut is approaching. We have to make some tough calls coming up here and at the same time we'll treat this week more like how a normal game week would be.

Q: What went in to moving Alex back to the other side of the line?

Coach Cable:I just didn't feel like we made the improvement as quickly as I'd hoped. He was brought in here, started out on defense to be a pass rusher, and obviously it's good to get a set of legs back over there and it just didn't feel like to me it was working.

Q: How's Darrius Heyward-Bey doing?

Coach Cable:Much better. It looked like it today running around well, looked crisp, fresh legs underneath him. As did Darren McFadden and a couple other guys who came back, it was good to see.

Q: When you talk about the evaluation process, what have you seen in Robert Gallery so far, especially with this game in Chicago?

Coach Cable:I like the Chicago game but obviously I didn't like the two penalties to start with but he'd be the first to tell you that, better focus and concentration. His overall play has improved from week one and that's all we care about is that we get better every week.

Q: Does this camp feel different from the last one? It just seems people are aggressive and more focused.

Coach Cable:I think that's a good term for our team, we're trying to have a purpose everyday and put a focus to something every day.  The mantra for the staff has been go out as a position coach and make one person at your position better each day and if we can do that collectively I think it allows us to improve in the right steps but from a team standpoint it's just been have a purpose every day.

Q: Twelve sacks in the first two preseason games, do you see the defense starting to make an identity for itself?

Coach Cable:I hope so, that's exciting and very positive obviously, now let's see them continue to do it. We have that chance to have that kind of impact with our defensive front. We haven't really pressured at all, a few times, but nothing like you might in the regular season. It's just been the pass rush of our four down players.

Q: Along those lines, what impressed you most about Kamerion Wimbley?

Coach Cable:I don't know if it so much impressed me, I see it every day. He got a couple of opportunities, he said it  best he got one early and it really got him energized the way he beat them on the first one kind of set up for second and third one. I just think a lot of it is timing, being in the right place with the right guy you get him with the right move, you set up some other things. He said it best, the first one kind of got him juiced and ready to go.

Q: The fact you got eight of the sacks against a number one unit, does that carry more weight to you?

Coach Cable:It does. I think that is far more important than the big number overall. I think it is how we've done against the other team's starters.

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