Coach Cable August 25th Transcript


Coach Cable: We have the four guys who did not work today: Chaz Schilens, Samson Satele, AlexDaniels and Jay Richardson. Chris Johnson did a little bit of work. Richard Seymour did a little bit of work. I would expect that those four guys would be questionable for the game at this point.

Q: Since the 49ers are a team you will play during the regular season, do you game plan a little differently even though it's a preseason game?

Coach Cable:We're really more focused on taking this team to the next step. We'll game plan some things certainly but the fact right now is that we have some tough decisions coming. So we need to put our team and those individuals in situations to see whether or not they can make the team and I think that's probably the primary focus more than the game plan thing but because we are playing them later we probably wouldn't show everything we normally would.

Q: Who is going to be center this game?

Coach Cable:Jared Veldheer.

Q: How is he coming along out there?

Coach Cable:It's been a good week. He's done a lot of things really well and so we'll get a chance to put him in the game right from the get-go and let him get comfortable and let him stay in there for a while.

Q: Obviously you don't want him to get hurt, but giving him a week with the numbers ones, and starting, how important is that for him?

Coach Cable:I think it's a heck of an opportunity for him, there's no doubt about that and he'll get a chance to play against another team's ones. We did that a little bit last with week with Peppers so he's tasted that a little bit and being in the game early like that. So I think this is the next step for him.

Q: How hard is on him to bounce back and forth between guard, tackle to center?

Coach Cable:At first we were worried about it, from tackle to center but he has handled that very well and really haven't had any setbacks. He's a pretty bright guy so he's been able to handle it mentally and I think usually that's the big challenge.

Q: He came from small school competition, he played at Hillsdale, how has his adjustment been with that?

Coach Cable:Excellent, the first thing you look for in a small school guys is if he is fearful of the competition and that's never once been the case. No day throughout camp has he ever had that kind of issue so I don't think there is a worry like of any kind that with him

Q: What kind of a look does San Francisco give you compared to Dallas?

Coach Cable:They are very similar, they are going to play their 3-4 front then they're going to reduce down either strong or weak. Where they are different is maybe a little more pressure than Dallas, but we are further along in preseason so you would expect that.

Q: Is that a good look for Veldheer?

Coach Cable:I think so because it just adds to the challenge and I think that's good.

Q: How anxious are you to be able to play at home?

Coach Cable:We're excited as can be. We talked about it this morning a little bit weve been on the road the first two weeks, we've had some success but we're looking forward to coming home and playing at home. We're breaking camp tomorrow and so it will be a chance for Raider Nation to get their first look at us live and we're excited about it.

Q: Because of the depth you have this year, all your backups are looking pretty good in the preseason, is that going to make the cuts that much tougher?

Coach Cable:I think so. We actually talked about it today as a staff a little bit. This is going to be the toughest year since I've been here to cut a football team and that's a good problem. It's nice to have those kind of tough choices; so yes definitely.

Q: Special teams is an area where some of these guys can make a mark. Last week it was Slade Norris; anybody else stepping up and maybe make the team there?

Coach Cable:I think they have already started to show it. I look at some of the young players who are new to us - they've already showed up on those special teams whether it was in coverage or return teams. You want to see them continue to do that. That shows a consistency you have to have in order to make it in this league.

Q: What's your biggest concern at this point team-wise?

Coach Cable:I want to see us be more consistent up front on offense. We gave up a big play last week on defense, and we're trying to eliminate that period. I think those two things are a big focus but the one we've been addressing on a daily basis is trying to be a positive turnover margin team.

Q: Kamerion Wimbley, last week he had a big game. Do you expect that kind of thing out of this guy on a regular basis?

Coach Cable:That was a career day but I expect a lot of good things from him. I think that he's shown he is capable. Anytime you are a pass rusher and you can get to a guy that early and that quick, I think it sets you up for a decent night so hopefully he continues to do that. But if you look at his career, he's had some years where he has had some decent number s like that. Our expectations are high but I think his are just as high. This has been a fresh start for him coming from Cleveland and I think he's excited about being a Raider for sure.

Q: Is there any one unit or group on the team that has jumped out to you during camp?

Coach Cable:There are a lot of positives and I think the team is just getting better and that's the greatest positive there is.

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