Coach Cable Saturday Media Session


Q: Was Jay Richardson one of your tougher cuts, he's been here for a while and played pretty well?

Coach Cable:I think in some ways yes, as I said all along I thought there were four or five decisions there that were tough and here we are we still have one more. Yes, there are some tough decisions there.

Q: The three rookie DBs made the team. What did they show you?

Coach Cable:Again, I just think the guys that we've put on this football team have improved us. That really was the goal from the get-go. For everyone that's here, you would say they improved our team and we feel like they will give us the best chance to succeed.

Q: What was your goal with today's practice?

Coach Cable:Introduce Tennessee. Get started, some conditioning. We ran the team a little bit. Introduce Tennessee and get started down that path getting ready to get into game plans and all that.

Q: How do you view your depth at defensive end in terms of base sets and stuff like that?

Coach Cable:We feel good about that. Obviously, there will be some moves here that you'll become more familiar with as we get into game week and announce some things. So it will all work out.

Q: With the practice squad guys, you can sign up to eight, how many of the guys that cut do you expect might show up on that eight?

Coach Cable:I think there is a good number of them. We'll kind of work all of that out. We really have 24 hours here to do that and can start on that tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. and we'll do that. We have some decisions to make too there in terms of who do we want to have back on that developmental roster and if it's not here, where can we go get it to add to our football team.

Q: How important was versatility for a lot of the guys that made the team to be able to play multiple positions or play special teams?

Coach Cable:I think in this day and age, with the roster being 53 and dressing 45 you've got to have versatility. So I think that at a number of spots that was a big issue. Who can bring the most to the table, but you've got to bring quality. That's always kind of a strong point in this day and age in football just because of the roster and the dress number.

Q: I know you just got off the practice field and haven't seen really who's out there yet…

Coach Cable:We'll actually do that this afternoon. We'll go back and start studying that waiver wire and all that. We just came off that field…I think we will go through it and see if there is anyone that would interest us…anyone that would help us. That's what you do. We are interested in making this team better and we're still doing that.

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