Coach Cable Saturday Transcript

Q: At what point do you start deciding your rotations as far as quarterbacks and kick returners and running backs and that kind of thing?

Coach Cable:Monday we will sit down and do all that.

Q: Can you just give us an idea how [offensive coordinator Hue Jackson] is doing, and personality wise how he has fit in?

Coach Cable:He is doing fine, and personality wise he is a great fit.

Q: In terms of what you have seen from him, is it what you have expected?

Coach Cable:Absolutely, we have worked together before. We worked at cal in 1996, and I had an idea about Hue and what he would bring to the table.

Q: How about the load, has it already been lighter for you, not having to worry so much about the offense?

Coach Cable:Night and day, definitely.

Q: What did you see out of that goal line period?

Coach Cable:Good energy, practice was put together so we would have a nice two minute and then finish with a short yardage goal line deal. Great intensity by the defense, offensively it was initially good but there was no finish. We have got to get better at that. The other side defensively I felt that we really filled the holes and kept the line of scrimmage from being pushed into the end zone.

Q: During drills and stuff, it was almost silent out here. However, when we got to the end it was as loud as I have heard it. Do you want 'professional' when you are doing the first stuff, and then when you get to the team drills that's when it should pick up?

Coach Cable:Absolutely, and I think that you will start to see that stuff more and we will start to have more of a focus on the team stuff. That was by design, what we wanted to get done today and how we needed to do that. I thought that they handled that very well.

Q: Stevie Brown has been showing up around the ball a lot lately. Does it seem that he has a knack for that since he got here?

Coach Cable:I agree with you, he made a play Friday or Saturday last week in two minute and downed the ball [in the end zone for a touchback] like you would in a game. Every day or every other day he seems to show up and find the ball somewhere.

Q: Has your perspective on concussions changed over the course of your career?

Coach Cable:I think that the more we all learn about it we realize it is a serious issue. When it happens you need to take the time and call timeout and make sure that the player is ready to go back out there. The protocol that they set for us and the testing, there is too much information out there. If they go back out there too soon there is a lot of damage that can happen. It has changed; I think that it has changed for everybody.

Q: The position change in the middle of the season for Trevor Scott, how much more comfortable does he look?

Coach Cable:I think a lot. OTAs were good for him and I think that is where he has settled in and feels more comfortable. He has picked up where he has left off at camp.

Q: The defense has been trying to strip the ball a lot and so far that is not working, is that something that is an issue?

Coach Cable:Well not really, we are averaging about three balls out a day. It is a lot greater than what it used to be.

Q: Is that a plus for your ball security, I mean you can look at it both ways? Coach Cable:I think so; we are doing like how we started this morning and every other practice with that turnover circuit. It is a credit to the offense. I think that they are taking better care of the ball and you see the emphasis. When your turn on the film and you see seven or eight guys stripping at it every time. We might not get it out but we are attempting to and that is critical.

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