Coach Cable Sunday Media Session


Coach Cable: We added seven members of the squad today; they'll be on the practice squad: Stevie Brown DB, Kellen Heard DT, Slade Norris LB, Joe Porter CB, Shaun Bodiford WR, Alex Parsons OL, and Manase Tonga FB. We've got one more to add and we'll do so in the next day or two.

Q: Do you think that will be someone you've already had, or are you just keeping your options open?

A: Right now keeping our options open and just looking at everything, the waiver wire, who is available, how is practice squad eligible and all those things.

Q: What did you see out of Jared Veldheer that made you want to move him over to center?

A: Well the fact he has it in his background, the fact there was a need for it on our team, then the fact that when you first start to do it with him, how natural he was at it.

Q: He didn't seem to have any problems with the shotgun snap or the exchange is that just his athletic ability that let him pick those things up?

A: That and a lot of reps, think about camp, we've worked on it every day since camp.

Q: Is Quentin the new starting outside linebacker?

A: We are working on a couple of things and I think Wednesday some of that will get cleared up for you.

Q: How has he taken to the pass coverage responsibilities being a 4-3 end?

A: Actually it's different, he was that at Jacksonville, but in college he was a drop backer. So he's had some background with it and I think for us, we're just experimenting with it right now to make sure we get the right eleven guys on the field, that's the most important thing to us.

Q: He's seemed to come on the past couple games, talk about his improvement throughout the preseason?

A: They all have improved to some degree but specifically with Quentin there were some things that we asked him to do that he was able to do and one of them was to play in the pass defense with more instinct, a little more break on the ball and keeping the ball in  front of him. I think he's done those things.

Q: What are your initial thoughts on Tennessee?

A: They're a team that plays hard. We're right in the middle of game planning it. We'll get into it a little bit more tomorrow in terms of talking about it. Right now, we're focused on getting the practice squad completed and kind of getting our game plan set for them but we'll get into more specifics on them as we get into the week.

Q: How tough of a cut was Stevie Brown considering yesterday afternoon he talked to the media and he had made it and later he wasn't on the team.

A: It was tough. I told you all along there were going to be some tough cuts. There was one to go and it is what it is. Unfortunately we went out and you guys got a chance to talk to everyone, which you're doing your job, and that's on us to get those decisions made. But it was going to be tough and I told you that from the get go, so I'm not surprised that it took as long as it did. But it was tough for the kid, definitely.

Q: It worked out well since he's back today…

A: Absolutely.

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